No change in hair color, so you get more attention! The allure of keeping your hair black with a perm!


If you can do perms and color together, it would completely change your image, but the damage…. For those of you who are looking for a perm while keeping your hair black, I recommend you to have a perm.

Even with long hair, you can use girly and elegant with permed black hair!

Black hair with perms, considered a trend for 2014, is getting a lot of attention. We are seeing quite a lot of it in hair catalogs.

In the past, perms and light hair color were considered a set, but that has completely changed. Japanese people are said to have beautiful black hair, so perm styles that make the most of that color are attracting attention because they are also less damaging.

We recommend that you can freely arrange your hair when perming with black hair, such as increasing the overall volume, perming only the ends, and changing the impression with bangs.

You can create a style that makes the most of your face shape and the atmosphere you have. Long hair is often elegant, but you can give a cute impression by wearing the bangs thick and below the eyebrows. You can choose from a mix of hair catalogs and not lose the luster of your hair.

Perms with black hair can create an oriental image even with short hair!

Even when perming short hair, the standard was set, such as light brown, which looked better. Now, the popular black perm is recommended for short hair, and its advantage is that it can create an oriental and intellectual impression.

People with round faces tend to have short hair to make their faces look sleeker. If they do so, the hair on the sides of the face, if it is a light color, may become expansive and make the face look larger.

However, with black hair, even if it is on the side, a small face effect can be expected due to the shadow effect. With short hair, which tends to lose volume, perms can be used to create a glamorous atmosphere, which opens up a wider range of arrangements.

Black hair perms are also popular for short hair, with the advantage of reducing morning styling time.

4 simple tips and care that can prevent hair loss for women.

As mentioned above, there are many advantages to perming black hair besides the lack of damage to the hair. From here, we will focus on three major styles.

  1. If you want to arrange short hair, this is the way to go!
    Even short hair that might look childish can be made mature with the effect of black hair + perm. If the hair is straight and tight, it may look cool and a little cold, but just giving it an airy look with a perm can make a big difference.

Black hair inevitably looks tight, so choose a perm that gives it a softer look. We recommend a perm with one curl at the ends, which will come in handy when growing it out.

  1. If you want to arrange medium length hair, this is the way to go!
    If you want to perm medium length hair and make it look mature, we recommend a dark brown color with a few steps. As the length of the hair becomes longer, it will feel heavier, so it is recommended not to make it look too voluminous.

Therefore, a style for medium length hair is to make it easy to blow-dry with one curl at the ends or to add random curls to create movement.

  1. If you want to arrange long hair, this is the way to go!
    Long hair tends to get damaged at the ends, but if you keep your hair black and perm it, you don’t have to worry. You can also arrange your hair in a habitual style by loosely perming it.

If you have a pretty face, you can make it look mature by making it loose and curly, or it is more convenient to have length to create a glamorous look. We recommend styling it heavier for a trendy look.


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