Perm and color in order! The ironclad rule to follow for a beautiful finish


I don’t have much time and I want to get both perm and color done at once, is that okay? In such cases, we recommend that you use our recommended ordering method to make it more efficient.

I want to do both perms and color, but in what order?

I want a perm and color! I am sure everyone has experienced that. It is difficult to know whether to recommend these two treatments at once. Both perms and coloring use chemicals on the hair. Therefore, according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, it is not acceptable to do both perms and coloring at the same time.

Recently, various kinds of chemicals have been increasing, and it has become possible to combine perms and color, which is safe under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. Because of this, many beauty salons are now handling perms and then coloring in that order. However, there is a reason for the basic order. If color is done first, it reacts with the chemicals used for perms and the color may fade.

As a result, the result is hair that looks like it has been bleached and then permed. To prevent this, hair stylists use the order of perm followed by color.

Perm and color can be combined in the same day if the treatment parts are different!

The most common pattern when combining perms and color is to retouch color that has become pudding-like on the top of the head and perm the ends of the hair.

If perms are applied after coloring, the color will fade and the finished state will be extremely poor. However, if the color and perm are applied to completely different locations, there is no overlap between the perm and color application.

If you are coloring at the top while perming the ends, there is no problem if they are done on the same day. In theory, there is no problem, but some hair stylists may not like this method, so please call in advance to confirm.

Perm and color in the right order! 3 major points on how to order for a beautiful finish!

As we have shown you, perms and color can be used in different ways, whether they are used in the right order or at the right place for the treatment. Here are three major points to order at the hair salon.

Perm and color set menus are also strictly in order.

Recently, many beauty salons offer a set menu with “perm/color” because of the lack of time and the inability to go to a hair salon many times. There is no problem if you can confirm the order, chemical selection, and priority of the finished style with your hair stylist.

Basically, it takes time for the color agent to settle in the hair, and the color tends to fade with the perm immediately after. Therefore, the order is to apply perm and color.

Pre-confirmation of the treatment location to confirm that it is OK.

If you are perming and coloring in different places, it is easy to order the perms because the chemicals will not affect each other. A top retouch and a perm at the ends will work fine.

A particular hairdresser may not want to use perms and color on the same day, so call ahead to confirm or you will be wasting your time.

The chemicals used in beauty salons change the impact.

The theory is to go from perm to color in that order, but the chemicals used can change the impact. If you apply perm after color, the color will fade, and in fact, if you apply color after perm, there is a possibility that the curl will fall out due to insufficient fixation.

This is not to say that there will be no effect at all, but it is important to check the chemicals used and their respective reactions before the procedure.

As mentioned above, if you have some understanding of the relationship and order between perms and color, it will be easier for you to order from your hair stylist. This is recommended rather than leaving it to them somehow.


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