Men’s bangs are the way to go! Their types and how to set them


“Only women have the privilege of being particular about their bangs.”
Don’t you think so?

This is a big mistake. Women can create a variety of hairstyles and express their individuality with their hair in the back. For men, however, most of them have short hair. Therefore, it is necessary to make a big difference with bangs.

Let’s take a look at the best bangs styles for men.

Highly versatile “sink mold” that can easily be made to look fashionable by anyone.

There is a hairstyle that is easy to create while still looking stylish. It is called a “slanted bang” or “flowing bang. The word “bang” indicates “bangs.

This is a method in which the hair is let down diagonally from the top of the head to the forehead, and then directed to the side. It is a stylish and urban hairstyle that is easy to create for anyone with wax.

After waxing the top, sides, and other parts of the hair except the bangs, set the hair with a little wax on your hands. Pinch only the ends of the hair and apply wax as if you were creating a bundle of hair. Be careful not to apply it from the root, as it will split the bangs. Using a hair dryer or a hair iron will make it easier and more beautiful.

The wild up-do style stands out and is full of playfulness.

The light fringe style is also popular. It is a hairstyle that is full of wildness and playfulness, and is suitable for private occasions. The combination of short and updo styles is especially compatible.

However, it is a bit more difficult than the flowing type, since the question is how to make the hair stand up. The trick is to blend a little bit at the base and make it stand up with your hands. Before styling, it is a good idea to use a hair dryer to create a base. Moisturize your hair and dry it thoroughly from the bottom to the top to create a raised fringe. Don’t forget to use a spray to harden them.

Actually the most difficult! Difficulty of centering

The most difficult type of men’s bangs to create is actually the “center parting. This is a type of haircut in which the hair is parted at the top of the head and the bangs are pulled down on either side of the forehead.

This type of haircut is often seen on celebrities, but in fact, it is very selective. If you are careless, it can look like just “lazy hair” and give off an unkempt atmosphere. When done properly, however, it makes you look like an urban man, a cut above the rest, and is highly valued by women.

The point of the center parting is that it should be natural and not look “trim. The key is to keep the parting of the hair so that it does not look unnatural. If you are going to try the center parting, it is safer to have a haircut that has movement, such as a perm. In this case, the bangs need to have a certain length. Keeping the ends of the parted hair a little lighter will make it easier to create a parting.

A hair dryer is important for setting the center parting. Instead of using styling products to create the shape, use a hair dryer to create the foundation.

  1. when wet, look for a natural parting of the hair
  2. after parting the hair to the left and right, apply the hair dryer to the ends of the hair on one side at a time
  3. when the hair ends are curled, lightly dry the roots. 4.
  4. apply cold air to the entire hair
    Finally, set the hair with a styling product of your choice to complete the process.

Simplicity is the key to “lowered bangs

If you don’t want to use wax, but still don’t think you can achieve the center parted haircut that is said to be difficult to achieve, create bangs that are called “lowered bangs”.

This is simply a lowering of the bangs without the use of wax or other products. For those who have light hair or little or no curl, this will still look stylish enough. Another great point is that in this case, as long as there are no stray hairs, it does not take much time to set the hair.

Men who “can’t play” with their hair in the back should be particular about their bangs. Do some research and find the perfect haircut for you!


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