How to use a hair iron for men


Hair irons are for women only.
Do you think like this? But this is actually incorrect.

Hair irons are important for men who have short hair and cannot tie their hair up or use hair accessories to cover it up.

However, there must be many who say, “I don’t know how to use a hair iron. So here we introduce how to use a hair iron for men!


Why do we need a hair iron?
The basics! First of all, you need to learn how to use a hair iron.
Hair iron for men, how to improve?

Why do I need a hair iron?

Why do men need hair irons for men’s haircuts in the first place? It is to make it easier to create three-dimensional hairstyles.

Many people think of a hair iron as a tool for straightening hair, like straightening frizzy hair. Of course, a hair iron can be used to straighten hair by controlling the frizz that is bothering you. But there is more to it than that.

Hair irons can be manipulated in a variety of ways, such as adding volume to the top, keeping fringe from floating, flowing bangs, and creating an outward swing on the sides. They are ideal for creating the foundation of a hairstyle before using styling products.

Ironing even just the area around the face, such as the bangs, fringe, and temple area, will give you a solid hairstyle.

The basics! First of all, remember

Here is the basic procedure.

  1. Wet the hair.
    At this point, you can wet your hair using a washbasin, but a shower will make it easier and more reliable. If you don’t have time, use a misting spray.
  2. Apply a protectant.
    Hair irons are extremely hot. Therefore, use a protective product such as a treatment. This will make your hair less prone to damage. There are hair iron protectants available on the market. However, be careful not to apply too much.
  3. Use a general hair dryer to remove moisture from hair.
    A “hair iron” is named “iron” and generates heat, but it is not designed to dry hair.

Dry your hair thoroughly before using a hair iron. This way, you can protect your hair from damage and you won’t have to say, “My hair started to dry and my hair style changed!” This will also prevent your hair from changing its style when it starts to dry out.

  1. Temperature Control
    Hair irons do not need to be used at a very high temperature; 160 to 180 degrees is said to be the best temperature.

Some people raise the temperature too high because they find it difficult to iron their hair, but this can damage the hair and is counterproductive. Before ironing, comb through the hair to loosen “frayed” ends, or take small bundles of hair at a time to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed.

  1. Now it’s time to iron!
    Before ironing, if you have a lot of hair, it is a good idea to do some blocking. By ironing a little at a time, the heat will be evenly distributed, resulting in a quick and clean finish.

First, separate the hair strands in the area to be ironed into upper and lower sections and clamp the upper section of hair. After ironing the lower section, put the upper hair bundle back and iron. This is the basic procedure. Divide the hair into several blocks according to the amount of hair and repeat this procedure.

Now let’s look at how to use a hair iron.

Pinch the root part of the hair with the hair iron and apply toward the ends. A rule of thumb is to apply for about 3 seconds per bundle. It is important to pinch the area you want to iron properly without leaving any space.

At this point, iron the hair so that it is rounded to follow the shape of your head. Hair that is too straight will look unnatural. The trick is to turn the wrist well.

For men, be careful of burns because their hair is short and the iron will be applied to areas close to the skin, such as the face. Choose a hair iron with narrower plates than most, which is easier to handle. Never touch the plate part as it is hot.

  1. Fixing
    Once the ideal style is achieved, spray to hold it in place! You can use wax, but be careful not to apply too much.

Hair irons for men, how to improve?

Men are less likely to use hair irons than women, but as they continue to do it, they will get better and better at it. However, if you use a hair iron on a daily basis, it is very important to pay attention to moisturizing your hair.

Shampoos for men, for example, are too strong in cleaning power and may not be good in terms of moisturizing. In some cases, you may want to use shampoo for women.

Practice well and become a stylish man!


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