I want to do something about my frizzy bangs! What you need to know about countermeasures & remedies♪


Even if you blow-dry and style your hair well, if only your bangs are not well defined, it is often because your hair is growing in a frizzy way. We will show you how to straighten the frizz in your bangs that causes them to swell and split immediately.

Drying hair immediately without leaving it wet reduces frizz.

If you have frizzy hair, leaving it wet will cause that frizz to set in when it dries. Do not leave your hair wet for long periods of time, and use a hair dryer immediately to flatten out the frizz. Leaving a towel wrapped around your hair can also cause excess frizz.

When drying hair, apply the hair dryer from top to bottom. This will not only make it easier to straighten your hair, but it will also help the cuticle flow, making your hair shiny and manageable.

If bangs are wavy or split in the morning, wet the scalp and blow-dry.

Even if you have trouble getting your bangs to stay in place due to a bed hair style, you can control the frizz by simply making a few adjustments to the blow-drying process. After wetting the scalp, comb the hairline with your hand as you blow-dry the hair, moving it from side to side to reset the frizz. Then, blow-dry the hair in the image of gathering the hair in the center, with the right end toward the left side and the left end toward the right side.

It is also important to blow-dry the ends of the hair with a firm tension. You can also use pins or other tools.

It is possible to straighten only the bangs

If only the front hairs are inevitably frizzy, it is possible to straighten or straighten perms only on the front hairs. Compared to straightening the entire hairline, the price is reasonable and it can be done in a short time, so if you are concerned about this, please consult with a hair salon.

If you do not have enough time to blow-dry your hair in the morning, it is better to straighten your hair to save time for blow-drying. If you are worried about straightening your hair too much, a straight perm with soft curls is a good choice.

Surprisingly Blind Scalp Care and Shampoo

One of the causes of frizziness in the hair is the poor condition of the hair pores. Dirt left in the hair follicles distorts the pores and causes hair to become frizzy. It is also important to keep hair and scalp in good condition by shampooing correctly.

Damage and dryness can make hair frizz worse, so be sure to take care of your hair by moisturizing it. There are shampoos and treatments available for frizzy hair.

Many people suffer from frizzy bangs, but there are various ways to deal with it. Sometimes just a little care in your regular hair care routine can help, but it is best to consult a hair stylist for the best method.

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