10 second blowdry and your frizzy bangs were never there!


It is no exaggeration to say that bangs determine 90% of the impression of the face. Many women must suffer from noticeably frizzy hair. However, because hair is short, it is a fact that a mere 10 seconds of blow-drying can make a big difference. We promise you that a simple technique that you can start today will make you look more beautiful!

Why is there so much frizz in the bangs?

Many women are concerned about frizzy hair in the front and around the face. Why is it that only here the frizz is noticeable? This is clearly due to “length” and “damage. First of all, the length of hair, unless you have your bangs as long as your back hair, the first thing you do after taking a bath is dry your bangs.

Because the hair is short, moisture escapes quickly, so it is easy to get kinks wrapped in a towel, and once kinks are attached, unless you wet the hair thoroughly from the roots again, you will not be able to remove the bonds of kinks that attach when the hair is dry. And as for damage, can you think of any hair types that come to mind when you think back to your own kinks?

That is, touching your bangs and hair around your face immediately. Frequent touching of hair with hands causes friction and static electricity on the cuticles and removes oil from the hair surface. When hair is damaged, it absorbs moisture more easily, so it absorbs moisture from the air and becomes frizzy and spread out.

Introducing the 10-second blowdryer for bangs.

Now, let us show you how to blow-dry your hair to calm those frizzy bangs. It only takes 10 seconds! Please give it a try.

  1. Drying toward the opposite direction of the kinks
    First, dry the hair in the opposite direction of the kinks by hand. Dry the roots in a zigzag motion with your fingers, especially erasing any areas that may be cracked.
  2. Dry facing the opposite direction
    Dry the hair in the same way as in step 1, facing the opposite way.
  3. Divide into two sections and set with a brush.
    When bangs are 90% dry, divide hair into two sections, one on the front and one on the inside, and pin the front hair in place. Begin by inserting a brush under the inner hair and dry it with a hair dryer, pulling it from the roots to the ends.

When the inner hair is finished, dry the surface hair in the same way. When drying the surface hair, it is best to brush in the inner hair without tucking in the inner hair for a clean set.

advice of a point (advice that may be helpful to some people)

If you wet your bangs when styling in the morning, use a mist spray for fixing sleeping habits instead of tap water. In this case, it is best to avoid using a mist spray that moisturizes hair, such as one for damage care. Excessively moist bangs give a heavy impression.

Similarly, avoid styling products that make hair moist. Choose a lightweight styling product such as wax, hair oil, or spray. Wax and oil should not be applied to the roots, and sprays should be quickly applied to the back of the bangs. Use only a small amount of each product to avoid applying too much.

Spray works great for rain and sweat protection.

If you have a strong hair style, your set may inevitably fall apart on a rainy day. In that case, use a spray setting product to coat the surface. After setting the inside and surface with a brush and hair dryer, apply the spray to the surface and comb it once or twice immediately before it dries. Hair on both sides is especially prone to spreading, so it is best to apply the spray to the sides rather than the middle.

Sweat can also cause the set to break down. Even then, if you coat the surface with a spray setting agent, it will not do much damage. In many cases, sweating is caused by the fear that the hair will fall apart if you perspire, so we recommend that you spend time not worrying about it too much.

How to deal with the inevitably tough quirks

Consult with your hairdresser for perms and cuts.

If your bangs are too curly to be fixed by blow-drying, or if they are too far away from the image of the bangs you want, you may want to take the plunge and have them permed. Straight perms are the safest way to fix your bangs.

However, be careful when straightening from the roots, as straightening without regard to the direction of growth may result in breakage. Tell your hair stylist how you usually set your hair and what your ideal image is, and consult with him or her to ask for a cut or perm that is best suited to your hair’s curvature.

Arranging bangs for a cute set

Even if you can usually set your hair by yourself, there are days when you just can’t fix it with a blow-dryer, such as on a rainy day or when you have a sleeping habit. In such cases, you can cheat by arranging your bangs in a fashionable way. We recommend softly lifting the bangs up like a pompadour to make the frizz less noticeable.


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