Hair dryer technique to get rid of frizzy hair!


Have you ever had the experience of going to bed without drying your hair, only to find that the next morning your frizzy hair is even stronger than usual? If you leave your hair wet, the areas that were originally dry will become even drier, and as a result, the frizz will stand out.

On the other hand, if you simply dry your hair thoroughly and go to bed, your frizzy hair will be much calmer when you wake up in the morning. Here, we will introduce a technique to eliminate frizzy hair with a hair dryer by adding a few more tricks.

How to dry frizzy hair

The basics of how to dry hair are simple. Simply dry your hair with a hair dryer while gently pulling your hair to straighten out the kinks.

Many substances, not just hair, deform when heated. By cooling the hair while it is deformed, it can maintain its shape. Using this principle, you can straighten your hair by applying a hair dryer to it while it is still straightened.

This method of using a hair dryer to straighten out kinks is recommended not only for women, but also for men who have difficulty using hair irons and the like. One way to use a hair dryer can make a big difference in how your hair turns out. Learn the tricks and get rid of the frizzy hair that bothers you.

Use a hair dryer from the roots of the hair.

The ends of the hair tend to be dry, so if you apply the hair dryer to the ends of the hair, you are “over-drying” the hair. Be careful not to apply the hair dryer to the same place continuously, and dry from the root.

When drying from the roots, the weight of moisture coming down to the ends of your hair will inevitably bother you. Another key point is to towel-dry hair gently before applying the hair dryer.

Applying the hair dryer from the top down also has the effect of closing the cuticles. This will prevent your hair from spreading and make it manageable and shiny.

Note the hands-free dryer.

A hands-free hair dryer, which can be placed on a table to dry hair, is very convenient. However, you need to pay attention to “placement” and “position of application” when using it.

The basic rule of thumb with a hair dryer for fixing frizzy hair is “from top to bottom. If you apply an upward-facing hands-free hair dryer from below the back of the head, your hair may spread. Also, if you keep applying it to the same position without moving your hair with your hands, it will result in uneven drying.

In fact, it is best to have someone else dry your hair as a hairdresser does, but this is not usually possible. When using a hands-free hair dryer, it is important to keep the hair in an elevated position so as not to blow on it from below, and to dry it while moving it with your hands.

Apply light tension with an image of weight to the ends of the hair.

Each strand of hair is very light, but when wet, it is weighed down by moisture. It is effective to apply the hair dryer while imagining that this “weight” will remain even when the hair is dry.

The basic idea is to run your fingers through your hair from the inside using a hand comb, then pull down your hair from the front side with your hand while applying a little tension, and hold the hair ends tightly. However, since the bangs will float even if you only finger comb the hair from the inside, pull the hair through from the front and apply tension from the front as well.

If you buy a new one, I recommend negative ions + high airflow.

If you use a dryer with low airflow, it will inevitably take longer to dry your hair. Considering that the key to shiny, moist, and silky hair is to smooth the cuticles on the hair surface as much as possible, it is not a good idea to dry your hair too lazily.

What is needed to dry hair quickly is air volume. A hair dryer with a large air volume is slightly more expensive, but it is worth buying.

We also recommend a negative ion dryer that blows negative ions into the hair to prevent static electricity from occurring and to quickly and firmly close the frayed cuticles on the hair surface. If you are thinking of purchasing a new hair dryer, please pay attention to air volume and negative ions when choosing one.

Blow-dry the ends of the hair if there is room.

If there is enough time, it is better to blow-dry the hair by tugging on the lower third of the hair and the bangs with a blow-dryer brush when the hair is almost dry, and finish with cold air.

However, if you apply a treatment after blow-drying, your hair will absorb moisture and become frizzy again while you sleep. If you apply a treatment after blow-drying, it will absorb moisture and make your hair frizzy again while you sleep.

Blow-drying at night is a shortcut to eliminating frizzy hair

Even if you blow-dry your hair in the morning, you can save a lot of time by using a hair dryer at night that eliminates frizzy hair. Once you get used to it, you will forget that you have frizzy hair.


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