How to put on a natural-looking wig


Fashionable wigs are also items that, depending on how they are worn, can make the head look large and give a ridiculous image. In this issue, we will tell you how to wear a wig that looks natural with a little ingenuity.

How to choose a natural-looking wig

Wigs these days come in a wide variety of hair lengths and colors, and are convenient items that can be used when you want to completely change your image. However, it is not fashionable to wear a wig in a way that makes it look like a wig. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a wig.

The color should be close to the color of your own hair.

The color should be close to the color of your own hair. Even if it is not a full order, it should have features that allow size adjustment and secure fixation.

The luster of the hair should not be unnatural. Cheap artificial hair or hair color that is too bright can easily create an unnatural shine.

Hair style should be easy to style.

The flow of hair at the parting and the whirling part should not be unnatural.

Natural color of the hair.

One step before attaching is the key.

You can make your favorite wig look more natural with just a few simple steps. 1.

1) Hold the wig in your hand and shake it lightly to let air in, then brush it to shape it. 2) If the top of the head is flat, lift it up with a comb around the whip.

If the top of the head is flat, lift the hair around the whip with a comb to make it look fuller and lifted. 3.

  1. straightening irons and hot curlers should be done before wearing.
  2. if there is no shine, apply a spritz of oil spray. 5. on the contrary, if you are concerned about shine, apply a spritz of oil spray.

Conversely, if you are concerned about shine, blend in a powder-type antiperspirant spray or matte-type wax to create a subdued sheen.

Points to keep in mind when installing

The most common places where wigs are easily identified are the hairline at the top of the head, the edge of the hair, the collar, and the fringe. If you have a full wig that covers the entire head, it is important to wrap your own hair tightly with a special net when attaching it so that it lies flat and not bumpy.

Once the wig is attached, adjust the position of the whorls and temples to make them symmetrical. You can also create a natural look by skillfully using hair from places where it would not be a problem to mix with your own hair, such as around the ears and at the collar.

You can also create natural volume by using a hair dryer to blow air softly from the bottom to the top at an angle, or by inserting your fingers into the roots and lifting the hair upward.

Don’t forget to take care of it if you want to keep using it.

If you do not take proper care of your favorite wig, it will become dry and smelly, and you will not be able to use it for a long time. The scalp in particular produces two to three times more sebum and sweat than the T-zone of the face. Wash your hair by hand with shampoo regularly, and use conditioner and fabric softener to keep it smooth and silky.

How was it? Wigs are becoming increasingly popular as a fashion item, but you can achieve a more natural hairstyle if you keep these points in mind before and after wearing a wig.


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