Half of Japanese people have this problem! Why only one side of the hair is bouncy?


Which side of your hair tends to be more kinky? Is there anyone who always has beautiful inner curls on one side of their hair, but for some reason, only the right side of their hair tends to be kinky?

In fact, more than half of Japanese people tend to have their hair curled on the right side. What is the reason for this?


The right side is the cause of “whirlpool”.
Perms tend to come off on only one side.
How to control the bounce!
What is the whirlpool for?
Miscellaneous information about the whirlpool

The right side bounces off the “whirlpool” cause

The cause of this curl on only one side of the hair lies in the “whirlpool”. As many as 60% of Japanese people’s hair ends are “right-handed”.

Hair grows forward on the top of the head and downward on the rest of the head. The flow of hair begins at the whim, and this flow determines the direction of the hair ends.
If the hair grows clockwise, the root on the left side tends to stand up, while the root on the right side tends to be collapsed. When the root is collapsed, the hair ends tend to spring back.

Perms tend to come off on one side.

This effect of hair flow from the whirlpool affects not only the springiness of the hair, but also perms. If you have a tendency to lose hair on one side or the other, you can consider it to be due to the hair flow from the whirlpool, unless the hair stylist has made a mistake.

If you have a tight perm, it will not affect your hair so much, but if you have a loose or fluffy perm, it will be difficult to set your hair due to the effect of the perm.

Re-perms are expensive, so people with severe kinks should consult with a hair stylist before having a perm done.

How to keep the honey!

The key to styling hair to reduce flyaways is in the “hair dryer. In fact, it is not a good idea to keep applying the hair dryer from the front because you don’t want it to spring back! First, repeatedly blow from the roots of the hair while pulling the hair from the back to the front and from the bottom to the top.

If you find it difficult to blow-dry your hair from the back by yourself, then turn your head down and blow-dry your hair as if you are bowing down.

Once the roots of the hair are dry, dry the hair from the middle to the bottom in a circular motion around the face. It is easy to try to fix the hair bounce by only applying the hair dryer to the ends or using an iron after drying, but this method is meaningless because the flow of the hair is what creates the bounce. In the same way, curling the ends of the hair while drying it will eventually make the hair springy.

In fact, the curls caused by the flow of the whorl cannot be completely straightened even with hair straightening.

The wrong way to dry hair will only damage it, so be sure to dry hair from the root first.

Also, when cutting hair, if both sides of the hair are cut in the same way, it will inevitably become springy. Conversely, this can be controlled depending on the cut. If you consult with your hair stylist before having your hair cut, daily styling will be much easier.

What are the whirlpools for?

If hair grows straight out of the pores, it is difficult to protect the scalp from direct sunlight and from impact. Therefore, it is thought that by growing hairs in a certain direction around the whirlpool, the entire head is covered with hairs, making it easier for the hairs to slide around when bumping into things and preventing injury.

In addition, the flow of hairs makes it easier for rainwater and dust to fall off, which is a very rational mechanism for the human body.

Whirlpool Miscellaneous

People who do not have their whirlpool in the middle are sometimes referred to as “whirlpool benders” because they are considered to have a twisted or unfaithful character. In reality, however, 80% of Japanese people have a left or right side of the whirlpool that is out of alignment. This means that the majority of Japanese people have a twisted personality.

There is also a jinx that people with two whirlpools are “geniuses. Ichiro is famous for having two whirlpools, but there is no specific scientific evidence for this either. It is also said that 1.5% of all people have three or more whirls. Perhaps it is because they are so rare that they are called “geniuses” or “unique,” but it seems that it is very difficult to set one’s hair if one has many whirls.


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