Different from normal perms? Digital Perm


Digital perms last longer. “Digital perms are less damaging to the hair.” But what is so different about digital perms compared with ordinary perms? Let’s take a closer look at what is so different about digital perms compared to ordinary perms.

What is a perm anyway?

In contrast to digital perms, which are permed with heat, so-called normal perms are called cold perms.

Cold perms are wavy when there is moisture in the hair, so it is better to dampen the hair with water to achieve beautiful styling. The common styling method is to apply a wavy styling product while the hair is dampened with water and let it dry.

How long you can keep your perm depends on the individual, but the wave will come off in about one to two months. Therefore, it is said that frequent perms tend to damage the hair.

What is a digital perm?

Digital perms create waves by adding heat to the power of the chemical. The heat makes the perm shape firmly memorized, so it is said to last longer than a normal perm. The opposite of a cold perm, the waves are weak when wet and take shape when dry.

Waves are also difficult to remove and can be kept for 3 to 6 months, 1.5 times longer than cold perm. It also creates firm waves, which makes styling easier.

Easy and beautiful styling

The digital perm adjusts the humidity along with the temperature during the perm process. Perhaps because of this, the hair becomes shinier and firmer after the perm, and beautiful waves are created.

The shape is clear and does not fall apart in rare occasions, so it would be the best perm if you always style your hair the same way. Also, the digital perm produces perms while the hair is dry, so you can recreate the same perm as at the salon by simply blow-drying your hair. It won’t give you a fluffy, natural style, but if you are having a hard time styling your hair with a cold perm, it will be a lot easier.

However, due to the shape of the perm equipment, as a rule, it can only be used on semi-long to long hair. It applies heat treatment and the rods are thick, so it cannot be applied to the roots. Therefore, basically, short hair cannot be digitally permed. If you have short hair that you really want to have a digital perm, please consult your hair salon.

Digital perm is a little gunky.

The wave of a digital perm is so firm that it cannot be changed to any other style. Even if you straighten it with an iron, the curl will quickly return. On the contrary, with cold perm, you can enjoy both straightening and perm styles, although it takes more work to get a perm.

In this sense, if you want to enjoy variations in hairstyles, cold perm may be more suitable for you.

Are digital perms unsuitable for men?

Can’t digital perms be used for men’s hairstyles? It is true that it is difficult to apply digital perms to men’s short hair, as waves cannot be applied from the roots and rods are limited to thicker ones. However, it is not impossible. It is possible for men to have a digital perm if their hair is medium length or longer.

The advantage of digital perms is their high reproducibility. It is precisely in men’s hair sets, which require the creation of subtle nuances, that digital perms with their high reproducibility are extremely useful.

However, while digital perms can create a firm permed style, they are not recommended for those who want a fluffy perm. Also, cold perm may be more suitable for some hair types, so please consult with your hair stylist.

Digital perm and cold perm

Finally, here is a brief comparison of digital perms with cold perms.

+3000~5000 yen

Treatment time
+About +1 hour

Approx. 1.5 times longer (3~6 months)

Cold Perm: Many types of rods, can be applied to frizzy or fine hair, perms appear when wet.
Digital perm: limited to a few types of rods, can be applied even after hair straightening, perms come out while hair is dry.

Digital perms are slightly more expensive and require more time and effort than cold perms, but they are characterized by their extremely high sustainability and reproducibility. Styling is much easier than with cold perms. Because it is a strong perm, it is also easy to apply to straight hair and other hair types that are difficult to see the effect of a cold perm. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, such as the difficulty in creating a fluffy, natural-looking perm.

The advantages of digital perms lead to the disadvantages of cold perms. If cold perm doesn’t work, it is natural to want to try it once.

However, in the unlikely event that it fails and you end up with an unsatisfactory haircut, you will have to straighten your hair if you try to get a digital perm. It is very damaging to your hair, and above all, it makes you feel sad.

Please consult with your hair stylist about a hairstyle that suits you, taking into consideration your hair quality and the image you want to achieve, and make your hair look wonderful and satisfying.


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