Take good care of damaged hair! Permanent hair care techniques


Perms are an easy way to maintain a beautiful hairstyle. However, hair damage is a concern. After perms, hair tends to become dry and break easily.

Here are some tips on how to take care of perms at home to make them last as long as possible and take good care of hair damage.

No shampooing the day of the perm!

As the hair salon where you had your perm done will tell you, do not wash your hair on the day of the perm. It will make the perm last longer.

If you are worried about dirt in your hair, ask them to eliminate the finishing styling products or cover your pillow with a bath towel to get through it, and shampoo the next morning. But to make the perm last longer, ideally, do not shampoo for at least 24 hours after the perm is applied, if possible.

Shampoos, treatments, and styling products are specially designed for

Shampoos that are too strong in cleaning power are not suitable for permanent hair. It can cause perms to bleed. If possible, use shampoo specially designed for permed hair. That alone will make a big difference in how long your perm lasts.

Another cause of damage to hair after a perm is that the cuticle on the surface of the hair peels off and the moisture inside the hair is lost. If left unattended, this can cause hair breakage and split ends, so it is important to give your hair a treatment once every three days to keep it well moisturized.

In addition, a special styling product is recommended for permed hair that has become limp. Rubbing it into the ends of your hair will revive your curls.

Must See! 5 Dryer Tips for Permanent Hair

The most important part of caring for permed hair is how you apply the hair dryer! Incorrect use of the hair dryer can further damage your hair and make it easier for the perm to fall out.

Here are some points to keep in mind when using a hair dryer.

  1. Dry hair thoroughly with a towel before using the hair dryer.
    Heat from the hair dryer evaporates the moisture inside the hair. It is important to dry hair quickly. To do so, absorb moisture with a towel before applying the hair dryer.
  2. Dry hair one bundle at a time, not all at once.
    It may be a little tedious, but instead of drying hair from the top at once, lift up the entire hair with a hair clip, etc., and dry it little by little, taking a handful of hair strands at a time from the neckline. This will allow you to dry hair from the roots and protect the moisture at the ends, which tend to be damaged.
  3. Dry hair from the roots while curling hair with fingers.
    Permanent hair stretches when pulled. Do not use a comb, but lift the hair up by curling the hair around your fingers to avoid pulling, and dry from the roots. Ideally, the ends of the hair wrapped around your fingers should not be too dry, but just a little moist.
  4. Alternate between cold and warm air.
    Heat from the hair dryer damages hair. To avoid overheating, dry hair alternately with warm and cool air. Be careful not to put the hair dryer too close to your hair.
  5. Finally, condition hair with cold air.
    It is said that perms take shape when hot hair cools down. Use cold air to cool down the hair and give it shape.


Heat from the hair dryer damages hair, but even worse is natural drying. Natural drying removes more moisture from the inside of the hair than a hair dryer does and makes permanent hair dull. Always use a hair dryer.

Even if you are worried about damage to your hair, you can minimize the damage and make your perm last longer by taking care of your hair at home. Is your hair care system working for you? Let’s review your daily care a little based on this.


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