If you suffer from thinning hair, an AGA specialist is the way to go! What is the difference between men and women?


They say that AGA treatment is easy with a specialist, but is it true? If you have such concerns, it is important to know about the treatment.

If you have thinning hair in men, AGA is easier to cure!

In male thinning hair, AGA is said to be easily cured by a specialist. This is because taking Propecia, an oral medication, can significantly improve thinning hair, although there are individual differences.

It is meaningless to use expensive hair-growth agents or hair-growth shampoos to improve thinning hair and pay high costs if they do not produce results. However, with a high-probability medication, even if monthly visits to the hospital are necessary, the cost of the medication is only about 7,500 yen per month, and you can feel the effects of the medication.

Considering this burden, we recommend that you first have an examination at an AGA specialist. Also, rather than being depressed that you have AGA, it is better to think that because you have AGA, it is easier to cure.

If a woman has thinning hair and AGA, the treatment is different from men!

AGA is the male form of hair loss, but it is also seen in women. In women, the name is changed to FAGA. Women also have a small amount of male hormones, which are affected by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, resulting in thinning hair.

If you go to a specialist and take Propecia to improve the condition, women are not allowed to use this drug. Women are not allowed to use this medication, even by specialists, because of the side effects it can cause.

Therefore, when women have AGA, they have to try other treatment methods. However, the treatment is more reliable than self-care, and the cost will not be wasted. However, please understand that there are individual differences in treatment.

Tips for improving thinning hair from different AGA treatments for men and women.

As we have introduced, the treatment of AGA differs according to gender. From here, we will also introduce the mechanism of hair thinning due to AGA.

What is AGA that causes thinning hair in the first place?

How does AGA cause thinning hair? The male hormone is called testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is produced when the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase binds to it. This is the so-called “bad male hormone. This inhibits hair growth and disrupts the hair growth cycle, resulting in thinning hair.

How does the oral drug Propecia work?

Propecia, an oral medication, works by interfering with 5-alpha-reductase’s attempt to bind with the male hormone testosterone. If dihydrotestosterone does not become dihydrotestosterone, problems that lead to thinning hair will not occur. This is why the patient takes the medication daily and visits the clinic every other month for follow-up.

Considering side effects of concern

Since Propecia is a drug, it naturally has a small number of side effects. Some of the side effects that men experience when they take it include loss of energy and other ED problems. And if a woman should happen to take Propecia, she would be in trouble.

It has been decided that pregnant women should not even touch Propecia, and if the baby is a boy, it increases the chance of reproductive organ problems after birth. Even women who are not pregnant are at risk for gynecological problems. Although the dangers were not emphasized before, it is now forbidden to touch it.

As mentioned above, AGA has a mechanism and medication is effective. However, it must be handled with caution because it has significant side effects for some genders.


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