Blow-drying is the key to preventing frizzy hair!


People with frizzy hair have various problems, such as hair that not only spreads easily and is difficult to manage, but also looks dry and damaged. However, on the day they go to the salon, their hair becomes beautifully coiled and shiny. The way to achieve a salon-like hairstyle is to blow-dry your hair correctly. Here we will show you how to blow-dry your hair to prevent frizzy hair.

What causes frizzy hair?

The cause of kinky hair lies in the hair bulb of the hair root. If the shape of this hair bulb is distorted or small, the shape of the hair is also distorted or twisted, resulting in frizzy hair. Most people are born with frizzy hair, but there are cases in which the hair gradually becomes frizzy or wavy with age.

This is due to changes in female hormones, changes in the condition of hair follicles caused by a hardening of the scalp, and clogging of the pores with dirt and sebum that cannot be removed by shampoo. In any case, most Japanese people have frizzy hair, even if only partially. The most common of these are kinks such as swells and twists.

Towel dry after shampooing + no-rinse treatment

First, after shampooing, towel dry your hair. At this point, instead of just toweling off your hair, take the time to comb your hair once. If your hair is still tangled, no matter how much you towel dry, moisture will accumulate in the tangles and will not be easily removed.

Once you comb your hair, the water will fall to the bottom, so you can towel dry your hair quickly by pressing down on it with a towel to absorb the water. After towel-drying, apply a leave-in treatment to the entire hair.

People with frizzy hair tend to damage the cuticles of their hair, so it is important to use a protective material to protect their hair from the heat of the hair dryer.

Dry the entire hair up to 80%.

We recommend a hair dryer, preferably one with strong airflow and negative ions. This reduces the time required to heat the hair dryer, and the negative ions lock moisture into the hair and reduce frizz. First, use a hair dryer to dry the roots and the skin of your hair.

Use your hand like a rake to lift your hair slightly and blow air through it. Use the hair dryer as if you were shaking it, and do not apply it to too much in one place.

Next, dry the entire hair 80% raw. Again, comb the hair with your hand like a rake and apply the hair dryer at a 45 degree angle to the hair from above. This will help to smooth the scaly cuticles and make the hair silky and smooth.

Starting with freshly dried hair is the best time to deal with frizzy hair.

When hair is about 80% dry, blow-dry while using a brush to gently pull hair from the roots, and carefully straighten frizzy hair. After the entire hair is dry, apply cold air from a hair dryer at an angle of 45 degrees to the hair from above. This will tighten the open cuticles and make your hair shiny and damage-resistant.

For people with frizzy hair, the best way to prevent damage is to blow-dry your hair carefully every day. With the correct blow-drying method, you can always recreate the shiny, salon-ready look of your hair. If your frizzy hair is getting stronger and stronger, the condition of your scalp may be deteriorating. Try to take care of your scalp by using the correct shampoo to clean the pores of your scalp and massaging your scalp to soften it.


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