5 hairstyles for soft hair


Although “soft hair” sounds good, in reality, most people struggle with hair that is flat no matter what they do. What is the best hairstyle for soft hair that is easy to manage and still looks cute? From short to long hair, here are 5 recommended hairstyles for soft hair.

Long short hair with volume on top to cover soft hair

Soft hair flattens and loses volume due to external factors such as humidity and styling products, but “the weight of the hair itself” is also a factor that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, basically, it is easier to maintain volume with short hair that has less volume.

However, if the overall length is too short, there will be “no space to let air in,” so it is recommended to leave the hair long, including the bangs, and to let the hair move all the way to the ends, rather than just gathering it together. If the hair is completely black and looks childish, coloring the hair to create a three-dimensional effect will solve the problem.

Soft and feminine short with body perm

Body perms make styling soft-haired short hair much easier. A body perm is, simply put, a “non-wavy perm. It is mainly used to increase volume and is perfect for soft hair. It can be varied in length, so it is also suitable for those who are growing out their hair or for those who want to keep it short but not boyish.

Also, for a short + perm style for soft hair, it is essential to “cut it short and then perm it. Please be careful when ordering, as just going short from a pre-permed state will not be exactly what you envision.

Helpful semi-long hair with one curl at the ends

Thin waves on soft hair are strictly forbidden as they make the hair look old-fashioned, but for those who say that without curls it would look poor ……, we recommend a perm style that only gives one curl at the ends of the hair. It also avoids the battle against the hair ends sleeping in during the growing-out period, which is common for soft-haired people.

You may think that perming only the ends of your hair will reduce the volume at the top. However, if you have semi-long hair, don’t worry, as long as there is enough movement and airiness at the ends, the overall volume will appear to increase.

Unique medium straight hair with thick bangs and ends

To take advantage of the softness and straightness of hair, we recommend a style with minimal layers, no shagging, and a firm thickness created by scissors. This is a style that requires a lot of skill on the part of the hairdresser, but it is worth a try because it creates a minimalist look that only soft hair can achieve. If you are worried about the ends bouncing, use an iron to create small inward curls, which will give the hair a cute playful look.

Every girl’s dream! Gaijin-style long hair with loose waves

This is a haircut that can be admired by those with soft hair. The image is that of a long style with the frizzy hair of a foreign model. The distribution of perms will vary depending on the hair stylist who applies the treatment, but the basic idea is to curl the hair from the top with larger rods. In terms of balance, it is best if the hair is up to the underbust in a non-permed state, but you want to be careful to keep a good balance with the head and body. It is also important to keep the hair weighted down to the ends without shaving the hair.


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