We, members of NINE, are particular about every single beauty operation.


We have mastered the sophisticated cut curriculum from Hiko Saito who is 1st Japanese instructor at Vidal Sassoon.

Cutting technique based on skeletal structure + wavy hair is praised by customers.


Hair Dye

We can make hair color keep long and prevent hair from damage.

Because we are able to treat hair dye with high brand product to arrange PH,

which is important factor to keep hair non-damage.



We treat perm by the way called ‘Creep’ which is different from normal perm.

Moreover, we are using original perm ointment to make suitable one.

Why not experience supreme feeling which is never given by other hair salon.


Digital perm

We treat perm with special ointment. Moreover, we give hair heat with low temperature little by little

to decrease burden on hair. Then, you can materialize the soft and favorable hair style without Hair wax.



We can materialize soft and natural straightening hair without burden on hair to use our special hair iron.

Moreover, we will recover dry and brittle straightened hair.

(We will use original ointment.)


Straight Curl

We can materialize hair straightening and making heading part of hair curl softly and naturally.

(We will use original ointment.)


Parrucchi Soda Treatment

Before we conduct hair treatment, we will remove sebum inside of hair skin and the rest of the chemical substance

inside of hair by Parrucchi Soda which makes hair natural and improves blood circulation.

Parrucchi “Morbido steam” is different from original steam, normally the general size of water molecule is 8000 nano meter

but ours are 0.3 nano meter and it is able to spread into hair.



We have hair-treatment license and we make NINE original ointment which is damage less,

so you can get dreamy hair you haven’t experienced!!