Four tips for calming frizzy hair


Stretching swell, preventing dryness, controlling spreading…. If you have frizzy hair, styling your hair every morning is time-consuming and difficult.

If only my frizzy hair could be cured, it would be so much easier! Don’t you ever think to yourself, “If only my frizzy hair could be cured! We have heard stories of people who have cured their frizzy hair, but is it really true? In this issue, we will introduce four tips to calm down your frizzy hair!

What causes frizzy hair?

Why do we have frizzy hair in the first place? Causes of frizzy hair can be largely divided into congenital (genetic) and acquired causes. Among these, the most significant cause is crookedness of the hair follicles.

It is believed that frizzy hair is caused by the fact that the hair roots are not positioned straight in relation to the pores, but are slightly curved, resulting in frizzy hair when the hair grows longer.

Other causes of frizzy hair include misalignment of protein bonds in the hair and disorganization of the cortex inside the hair.

A must for frizzy hair! 4 Tips for calming frizzy hair

So, is it possible to fundamentally cure frizzy hair?

Generally speaking, it is possible to straighten frizzy hair by applying a hair straightener, but it is not possible to cure frizzy hair itself.

However, it is possible to calm frizzy hair and make it manageable through daily care. Below are four tips for calming frizzy hair.

Dry hair properly.
After washing your hair, do you dry it properly with a hair dryer? If you let your hair dry naturally, thinking that you can style it in the morning, the cuticles will come off due to friction, which can easily damage your hair and cause it to spread out.

Dry your hair with a hair dryer as soon as possible after washing and conditioning the surface of your hair.

When using a hair dryer, it is important to gently absorb moisture by placing hair between towels beforehand, and apply an out-bath treatment from the middle part of the hair to the ends.

  1. Brush your hair daily.
    Brushing untangles hair and creates shine. To calm frizzy hair, brushing should be a part of your daily care routine.

This helps to distribute the sebum from the scalp throughout the hair, making it more manageable and manageable, even if your hair tends to be dry. There are various types of brushes available, but for those with frizzy hair, we recommend boar bristle brushes, which have a good stiffness and hold hair all the way to the ends.

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet.
    To calm frizzy hair, it is very important to have a well-balanced diet. Protein is a particularly important element for hair.

Make sure to take in a well-balanced amount of protein from a variety of foods, including blue fish rich in high-quality omega-3 oils DHA and EPA, lean meat, soybean products such as tofu and natto (fermented soybeans), and eggs.

  1. Get quality sleep.
    When you get a good night’s sleep, your hormones will be in balance and your hair will be well nourished. Maintain a regular bedtime each day to regulate the autonomic nervous system and try to get 6-7 hours of sleep as much as possible.

In the hands of a professional, even frizzy hair is manageable!

If you are concerned about frizzy hair, it is important to visit a hair salon frequently. Having your hair professionally styled by a professional will make the finished product much more beautiful.

If you are concerned about your hair becoming too curly or the ends of your hair becoming too loose… by all means, go to a hair salon and have your hair styled. Professional help will make even frizzy hair easier to manage.

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