You can go short with frizzy hair! How to deal with frizzy hair for short hair


By adopting some ingenuity in hair care and styling, even those with frizzy hair can easily enjoy short hair. There are also a variety of hairstyles for short hair, and depending on the hairstyle, having frizzy hair can be an attractive feature.

Here, we will introduce methods to prevent frizzy hair for short hair and hairstyles that suit people with frizzy hair.

Why do people with frizzy hair avoid short hair?

Some people with frizzy hair may feel that they want to go short but are afraid to do so. If you go short with frizzy hair, it may make your hair look frizzier or thinner than when your hair is long.

Some people have also ordered short hair at a hair salon, only to have their hair stylist turn them down.

Many people with kinky hair find it difficult to imagine how their hair will bounce and bend after it is shortened, so even though they went to a hair salon, they often say, “It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to…”.

However, with proper hair care and knowledge of hairstyling, hair bounce and bend can be reduced.

How to deal with frizzy hair when it dries out

If your hair is frizzy when dry, make sure the treatment is well absorbed. Do not rinse it out immediately, but leave it for a little while packed in plastic wrap or a hair cap to allow the moisture and nutrients to penetrate more deeply.

Also, use an out-bath treatment after getting out of the bath.

When drying your hair, be conscious not to rub your hair with a towel. It is also important not to apply the hot air of a hair dryer directly to your hair.

When drying your hair with a hair dryer, keep the distance between your hair and the dryer at about 20 cm and reflect the hot air with your hands while drying. It is important to be careful on a regular basis so that your hair does not suffer from a lack of moisture.

How to prevent frizziness when wet

If your hair becomes more frizzy when wet, be sure to dry your hair thoroughly after bathing. Towel dry using multiple towels, followed by the use of a hair dryer to ensure thorough drying.

Also, choose a heavy hairdressing product when styling. Hairdressing materials that contain a lot of water, such as mousse or mist, will make the hair frizzy.

If you choose a heavier wax with relatively little water, even frizzy hair can be styled in a short time.

Let’s get creative with our hair!

There are a variety of short hairstyles, and depending on the haircut, frizzy hair can be a fashionable point. For example, a disconnect cut at a hair salon can make even frizzy hair look stylish short.

If you have fluffy, frizzy hair, a short bob base is attractive. If you choose a bob base, you can give the overall impression of softness to those around you.

Even those with frizzy hair can easily enjoy short hair if they stick to hair care and styling methods. Don’t give up on short hair from the beginning just because you have frizzy hair.

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