Worry no more! Recommended hairstyles for arranging frizzy hair.


I want to do something about my frizzy hair, but I don’t know what to do… What kind of hairstyles do you recommend for those who have such problems?

Look permed, easy and effortless to style!

If you have straight hair, try perming it to add volume. Those with frizzy hair may yearn for straight hair, but the advantage is that it can be easily styled by taking advantage of the unique movement of frizzy hair.

For swell areas, apply styling products in a wet condition to create flexible movement. Use a harder wax because even if there is a lot of volume, you can shape it while holding it down with this method.

However, too much wax will give the style too much bunching, so take a small amount and add only what you need.

Natural-looking, carefree hairstyles make short work of time!

Another advantage of frizzy hair is that it is easier to create carefree hair than straight hair.

For unkempt hair, do not apply wax or other styling products to wet hair, but rather dry it with a hair dryer. Do not apply it to the roots, but lift the ends of the hair to create a slightly wild look. However, for short styles, it may be applied from the roots only where you want to reduce volume. If the hair is curly, it will swell up, so it is easier to crush it by applying it to the roots.

Finally, we recommend lifting it from the sides with both hands to create volume at the top. If your hair is dry, it is difficult to get it the way you want it, but rather than adding wax, it is better to adjust it while adding water to your hair, so the result is lighter.

The 3 main techniques for creating hairstyles that make the most of wavy hair.

  1. Make good use of a hair iron.
    Since the condition of frizzy hair differs from person to person, it is difficult to style your hair if it has a very fine swell, and you will not be able to achieve your favorite hairstyle. Therefore, we recommend using a hair iron to remove even the slightest swell.
  2. When it is too heavy, cut it
    If you have long, kinky hair, it will be too heavy and the hairstyle will not hold together. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a cut to reduce the volume. Tell your hair stylist that you want it trimmed so that it looks lighter, and he or she will give you the condition you prefer.

Alternatively, you can apply a partial straight perm only where you don’t want volume. This is because sometimes the roots are too heavy and only the ends of the hair are too thin if you try to deal with the problem only by cutting the hair.

  1. Convenient to fix sleeping habits
    If you try to put your hair together using only wax or styling products, it will become sticky. So try using a spray to fix your sleeping habit.

In this way, you can also use backstage tricks to get the hairstyle you like with frizzy hair. Straightening is not the only savior for frizzy hair. With good styling, you can get more fashionable hairstyles!

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