Wigs for Thinning Hair! 5 points to keep in mind when introducing


I can’t grow my hair back very well, and I want to use a wig, but I don’t want to be found out! If you have such concerns, we recommend that you choose a wig with a focus on quality.

Wigs have hair texture! Dre you can’t tell by looking at it?

When you use a wig to hide thinning hair, you don’t want people to notice. In fact, there is a difference in appearance that is immediately apparent.

Wigs are roughly divided into human hair and artificial hair. Human hair is made from hair that has been cut for religious or other reasons. Artificial hair is like a traditional wig.

The choice is divided into two types: human hair has a more natural appearance, while artificial hair is more convenient when considering durability and other factors. However, depending on the manufacturer, human hair is slightly more expensive.

Human hair has the advantage of feeling natural, but it is difficult to care for at home (shampooing, drying, setting, etc.) and deteriorates more quickly than artificial hair. Recently, artificial hair has been evolving, and by applying artificial cuticle processing, the texture is becoming closer to that of human hair. They are also easier to care for.

There are medical and fashion products, but which is better?

There are two types of wigs: medical and fashion. Medical wigs are used as a way to ensure that patients do not worry about hair loss, as some people lose hair as part of the treatment process.

Recently, there are wigs of good quality, such as those offered at low prices by non-profit organizations. On the other hand, those for fashion use are also inexpensive, although many of them are good nowadays.

Even with maintenance, they cannot be used for that long, so consider the period of use first before deciding whether to use them for medical or fashion use. However, even for medical use, if you do not have the corresponding disease, it will not be covered by insurance. In recent years, there are salons that can provide medical wigs. Considering hair design, etc., salons can fine-tune the length and texture of wigs, but dealers seem to mainly deal only with the act of selling wigs.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a natural wig for people with thinning hair

As we mentioned, when using a wig for thinning hair, it is important to know the type of wig to use. Here are five points to consider when choosing a natural wig.

  1. How to choose a wig by hair quality
    There are human hair wigs and artificial hair wigs. Some types are a mixture of the two, but you should choose one based on comparisons of the natural look, usable period, maintenance methods, and whether it can be styled.
  2. Even the way the hair is planted makes a big difference.
    Wig hair is planted in different ways. Some wigs are planted all at once by machine, while others are hand-planted by craftsmen, and the quality of the appearance of the hair varies greatly.
  3. Breathability is very important!
    People laugh when I use the word “breathability” in wigs, but it is the most important factor. If you spend a lot of time using a wig during the day, it is inevitable that it will get stuffy. High breathability helps alleviate the steaminess and lighten the load on the natural hair. Breathability depends on the material of the mesh sheet in which the hair is planted.

Full wigs or point wigs?
A full wig is a type of wig that can be worn as a whole, while a point wig can be used to cover only the whirlpool. Full wigs are more expensive, so people tend to think of point wigs, but full wigs are the ones you don’t have to worry about slipping out of place when actually wearing them. Point wigs also come in a wide variety of types these days, and the attachment hardware is easy and does not easily come off, so they are useful for hiding volume in the whirlpool area and gray hair (new growth).

  1. Whether or not customization is possible
    When a wig is made, it can be made to order or semi-customized for a more natural look. Also, if you dye or cut the hair of the wig, you can make it look more like your normal hair style, so people are less likely to notice it. Semi-custom-made wigs can be expensive, so it is recommended to start with a ready-made type.

As mentioned above, there are points of comparison if you want to cover thinning hair with a wig, so it is recommended to check them all out.


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