Which one will work for my frizzy hair? A great introduction to recommended treatments.


Many people with frizzy hair have problems with their hair, such as “difficulty in getting shine” and “hair tends to spread easily. However, even those with frizzy hair can improve their hair quality with proper hair care. Here we will introduce specific problems that people with frizzy hair have and recommended treatments.

Specific problems that people with frizzy hair have

If you have frizzy hair, it becomes difficult to style it freely or to set your hair in a short time. In particular, problems such as “my hair doesn’t shine” or “it spreads out on humid days” are often heard.

Some hairstyles can make use of frizzy hair, but since the strength of hair frizz varies from day to day, it is not uncommon for people to be unable to set their hair in the same way every day. If the frizziness of the hair becomes stronger due to humidity or other factors, the frizzy hair may not function as a fashionable accent and may look as if it has exploded all over the place.

However, if you take good care of your hair on a daily basis, you may be able to improve the quality of your hair. One specific hair care method is to use treatments.

Silicon-containing treatments are recommended for frizzy hair

Some treatments contain silicone and some do not. Some people prefer non-silicone treatments, but if you have frizzy hair, it is said that hair will be more manageable if you choose a silicone-containing treatment.

Silicon is believed to coat the hair and make it shiny. People with frizzy hair tend to have dry hair, and by coating their hair with silicone, they can expect an anti-drying effect.

However, if silicone adheres to the scalp, it may cause the hair to become more frizzy than before. Therefore, when using treatments containing silicone, try to avoid getting it on the scalp.

Consider using an outburst treatment.

An out-bath treatment is essentially a no-rinse type of treatment that is used outside of the bath. Since they do not need to be rinsed out, they allow the ingredients to penetrate the hair for a longer period of time.

By using this out-bath treatment in combination with a rinse-out type treatment, even those with frizzy hair may be able to improve their hair quality. For dry hair, choose a water-type out-bath treatment; for shiny hair, choose an oil-type out-bath treatment.

Other types of out-bath treatments include milk type and cream type. Choose the type that best suits your hair quality and purpose.

It is important to choose a treatment that matches the strength of your frizz

Many people say, “I am having trouble choosing the right treatment…” If you understand the strength of your hair’s frizz, it will be easier to choose the right treatment for you. If your hair is frizzy, products with high oil content, such as cream-type products, are suitable for your hair.

To improve frizzy hair, it is important to use different treatments depending on the strength of the frizz and hair texture. In particular, those with frizzy hair or those who suffer from dryness should consider using an out-burst treatment.

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