Which one will last longer? How to choose a recommended perm for ladies


We often hear about digital perms and air wave perms, but do you know what kind of perms they are? We will introduce which perm you should choose to get the hairstyle you want, along with the types and characteristics of perms, and tips on how to make them last longer.

For long-lasting beautiful styling, digital perms are the way to go!

Digital perms are perms that use a strong chemical solution and a high temperature to achieve a firm finish. Since the heat is used to create the style, it is relatively easy to apply even to hair types that are usually difficult to get perms on. Because it is a high-temperature perm, it cannot be applied to the roots. This perm is not suitable for very short hair.

Just use a hair dryer and blow-dry your hair with your hand to create beautifully curly hair. You can easily create a feminine hairstyle on busy mornings, so you don’t have to spend much time setting it.

Digital perms produce tightly curled hair, so air wave perms are recommended for those who want a looser, fluffier look.

Air wave perm can achieve a loose and fluffy style without damage

If you want to achieve a loose, fluffy style while minimizing hair damage, air wave perm is the perfect choice. Since this perm uses warm air, it is less stressful on the hair. You can enjoy natural-looking, fluffy, foreign-style hair. It is also perfect for those who want to create nuances at the ends of their hair and for those with short hair.

Although it does not hold up as well as a digital perm, since it uses the power of low-temperature wind to apply the perm, it is less likely to damage your hair, and the ease of simply drying your hair as usual makes it very popular.

Creep perm is also recommended for perm beginners, as it takes a little time to apply, but it is easy to apply and does not cause damage. Creep perm is also suitable for fine wavy hair.

Depending on the hair care on the day of the perm, the perms will last for a surprisingly long time.

The secret to making your freshly permed style last even one day longer is to do it on the day of the perm. Hair is in a very unstable state immediately after a perm. It may easily revert to its original state when it gets wet, so shampooing on the same day should be avoided.

In addition, “fiddling with your hair” and “applying treatments” immediately after a perm can make your perm last longer. It is best to leave your hair as it is until it stabilizes.

Also, after washing your hair, dry it thoroughly from the roots with a hair dryer, and gently condition it while being conscious of the shape of the perm. Using shampoo and styling products for perms is also recommended.

Daily care is the key to beautiful hairstyles

Many people take UV protection for their face and body, but not for their hair. Hair is especially delicate after a perm, so you need to be more careful than usual. When going out, use parasols, hats, UV sprays, etc. to protect your hair.

When washing hair, amino acid-based shampoos with gentle cleansing ingredients are recommended. Also, protect your hair with an after-bath treatment before drying it, and dry it in a short time by avoiding using the hair dryer too close to your hair.

Maintain beautiful hairstyles with a well-balanced diet that includes high-quality proteins and vitamins that build healthy hair and adequate hair care.


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