What is the secret to long-lasting wigs? How to care for your wig


There may be various opportunities to use wigs, such as wanting to enjoy a different hair arrangement easily, or being too busy to go to a hair salon when a reunion is coming up. We will tell you about the types and characteristics of wigs and how to take care of them to make them last longer.

What are the types and characteristics of wigs?

Wigs are divided into the following three types depending on the material and the method of care.

  1. Human hair
    The advantages of human hair are that it can be colored freely and has a natural luster and feel. On the other hand, the color fades after several washes, requiring re-dyeing, and the hair tends to lose its shape. Handle with care.
  2. artificial hair
    The advantages of artificial hair are that it does not fade or lose its shape easily. The disadvantage is that it is sensitive to heat because it is a synthetic fiber. Since it is a material that does not easily lose its shape, it is unlikely that you will use an iron or a hair dryer, but if you do, use a low temperature for a short time.
  3. human hair/artificial hair blends
    The advantages and disadvantages of human and artificial hair blends are the same as those of each material.

Longevity of wigs differs depending on the material of the hair transplant part.

  1. general wigs such as ready-made wigs (about 2 to 4 years)
    More durable than film or mesh wigs in that the net portion to which hair is implanted is thicker. Avoid catching the net part when brushing.
  2. wigs made of ultra-thin film (about 3 to 6 months)
    The advantage is that the thinness makes it difficult to see the border with the skin, but it lacks durability. It easily deteriorates due to sebum and perspiration. 3.
  3. wigs made of ultra-thin mesh (approximately 3 to 6 months)
    The advantage is that it is well ventilated and does not easily become damp. As with other materials, it is important not to exert excessive force when handling the wig.

These are just guidelines, and depending on the frequency of use and care, they may last much longer.

What are your tips for daily care of wigs?

The secret to daily care of wigs to make them last longer is the following three points.

  1. brushing
    Brush gently. After shampooing, brush only after the hair is completely dry, as wet hair causes friction and frizz at the ends.
  2. shampoo and rinse
    If the brush does not go through the hair easily, it is because of dust and dirt. Use your own shampoo, dissolve it in water or lukewarm water, and wash. Avoid boiling water. Human hair can be treated after rinsing because it penetrates to the inside.

Artificial hair only sticks to the surface, so rinsing is the end of the process. Gently push and wash.

  1. Drying
    When drying after shampooing, do not use a hair dryer but let it dry naturally.

Other tips to make your wig last longer

Wigs will last longer if you take the following precautions in addition to caring for them. 1.

  1. do not leave the wig on while sleeping
    Not only does it put pressure on your head, but it also applies unnecessary force when you turn over in your sleep.
  2. Avoid wearing helmets and hats as much as possible.
    Depending on the nature of your work and the situation, it may be necessary to wear a helmet at times, but this can cause the wig to deteriorate. If you want to protect yourself from the sun, replace your hat with a parasol.

Finally, wig care can be summarized in the following two points.

  1. do not apply excessive force
  2. do not apply high heat.
    Since your wig is your precious asset, take care of it so that it will last for a long time.

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