What happens if I fail to get a perm? What should I do?


We often hear people say that they had a perm to make their hair beautiful, but it failed.

What happens when a perm fails? And what can be done to resolve the problem?

Perm failure! It will be in this condition

If you fail, here’s what happens.

  1. Too much or too little cost
    This is probably the most common problem. The perms are more severe than expected, creating too much volume or curl and making it difficult to style well. On the other hand, there are also those who have almost no perms and end up throwing their money down the drain….
  2. My hair was severely damaged.
    No matter how good your hair stylist is, perms will damage your hair. If the damage can be taken care of with treatments, it is acceptable.

However, in some cases, there may be damage that is not visible, or there may be unexpected reactions if there is a history of treatment at different hair salons or at-home coloring, resulting in extremely damaged hair and a head that looks like a bamboo stick.

  1. Falling off too quickly
    The length of time that the effect of a perm lasts varies from person to person, but the general rule of thumb is that it lasts about 4 months.

However, in some cases, the perm has fallen off in about one month, or just after shampooing.

Tell me how to deal with this!

When a perm fails, there are three main ways to deal with it.

  1. Call the hair salon that gave you the perm and ask them to correct it.
    Many hair salons now offer a “If you are not satisfied with the styling, come back within xx days and we will fix it for free. This is a good way to get it fixed.

At this time, be sure to tell them exactly what you did not like and how you want it fixed. If you remember the name of the person in charge, it is morebetter.

  1. Remove it by yourself
    In order to make your perm last longer

Refrain from dyeing your hair on the day.
Do not brush your hair in a way that stretches it. After brushing, rub it in to restore the wave.

After brushing, rub it in to restore the wave. You can also do the opposite and remove the perm by yourself.

  1. Run to a different hair salon.
    Some people may say, “Even if they say they will fix it for free, I never want to go to a place where they made a mistake once! There may be people who say, “Even if they say they will fix it for free, I never want to go to a place where they made a mistake! In such a case, tell them the situation and choose a different hair salon.

If you tell them the reason for the failure, such as “it took too long,” “my hair was damaged badly,” or “it didn’t last long at all,” they will offer you a follow-up plan.

The important thing is to always tell them that you failed at another hair salon. Since you do not know what chemicals were used at the previous salon, tell them in detail when and what kind of treatment you ordered. If you tell them this, the new hairdresser will put their reputation on the line and give you care that is one or two ranks higher than that of the previous hairdresser. However, since there is no history of your hair up to now, the corrective treatment will be done by feel based on experience after listening to your history. Keep in mind that there is a risk of further mistakes as a result.


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