What are the causes of quick peeling? Tips to make perms last longer


Straight hair is the dream for those with frizzy hair. Straight hair is so straight that no matter what you do to it, it doesn’t even leave a mark when you tie it up with an elastic band. Some people may be surprised to learn that straight hair is not a problem at all. As the saying goes, “the grass looks greener on the other side. Here, we will solve the problems of straight hair.

Airy styling is the solution with bouncy hair!

The so-called “gaijin style,” or natural frizzy hair style, is in vogue, but it is very difficult to achieve for those with straight hair. The reason for this is that straight hair does not allow for air between the hair strands. This is the reason why straight hair is not allowed to have air between the hair.

The reason for the volume loss is the lack of bounce in the hair as a whole. To bring bounce to straight hair

Don’t give hair too much oil.
Use a hard spray as a base.
It is important to use a hard spray as a base.

Rinse-off treatments are popular, but they are too heavy when used on straight hair that lacks volume. Use a rinse-off type treatment that leaves an even, thin film of oil.

Also, to prevent hard sprays from being crushed by the weight, lift and spray lightly inward rather than on the surface of the hair, and then reverse the spray. Modern sprays have been improved so that they won’t produce white powder when brushed or combed through, so give it a try!

Let’s try putting hair in a bun after creating a base for it.

Straight hair is difficult to arrange, regardless of how much or how little hair you have.

Before arranging hair, use a hard spray as a base as you do when styling, or curl just the ends of your hair beforehand with a hair iron or curlers to make it easier to handle.

Be aware of the importance of “creating a place for the tools of the arrangement to catch.

I was under the assumption that the perm wouldn’t work!

Many people think that styling and putting their hair up would be much easier if only they could get a perm. However, many people seem to think that perms are difficult to get because they have straight hair, but this is not true. The type of perm will change the way it is applied.

Hot perms such as digital perms and creep perms are said to be more suitable for straight hair than cold perms. For straight hair, it is not so much the difficulty of getting a perm, but how to make it last. The technique to make the perm last depends on the type of perm, so take care of your hair according to the type of perm you have applied.

Turn your shortcomings into strengths! Hairstyles that make the most of straight hair

Short bob
Straight hair creates vertical lines around the face and accentuates the contours of the face, so a short bob can create a sophisticated atmosphere. The key is to keep the length short so that it blends in well without forcing volume on the top.

Long hair
Rather than going for a halfway length, it is recommended to grow the hair long and strong. The length makes it easy to curl the ends or perm the hair, and it also makes it possible to create an airy overall look without having to worry about volume at the top.


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