What about perms during pregnancy? Let’s make sure we understand the ingredients, how it affects your body, etc.!


You want to keep your hair clean during pregnancy. But you may also be concerned about the effects on your baby. Let’s learn about the problems that tend to occur with perms during pregnancy and what to look out for.

Does a perm during pregnancy affect the baby?

One of the things you want to do before giving birth is to go to a hair salon. After the baby is born, it will be very difficult to take care of the baby and you will not be able to go out. If possible, you may want to get a perm and color your hair, but you may be wondering if it is safe to get a perm while you are pregnant.

Many people are concerned that if they get perms during pregnancy, the ingredients of the perm solution will be absorbed through the scalp and pores and may affect the baby. However, it cannot be said to be 100% safe, so it is best to avoid perming during the first trimester of pregnancy if possible.

Permanent solution ingredients

Permanent solutions contain a variety of ingredients. Typical among them are thioglycolic acid, alkaline agents, and hydrogen peroxide. Thioglycolic acid is contained in the first agent of perming solution and breaks the bonds of cystine, the main component that keeps the shape of hair, to create strong curls.

Strong ammonia water, an alkaline agent also contained in the first agent, has a strong irritating odor and is volatile. Monoethanolamine does not have an irritating odor but may remain in the hair. Hydrogen peroxide water contained in the second agent has the function of recombining cystine, which makes the hair remember beautiful curls.

What are common problems that can occur with perms during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the hormonal balance changes and the skin becomes very sensitive. This can cause irritation or allergic reactions to ingredients that were previously used without any problems. Particular attention should be paid to those with sensitive skin. If possible, it is advisable to inform your hair stylist that you are pregnant before having a perm, and have a patch test to make sure that there is no rash or redness.

During morning sickness, the smell of perm solution may make you feel sick. Also, as your belly grows, blood circulation in your legs may become sluggish, causing swelling, and sitting in the same position for long periods of time may cause your belly to become tight.

Points to keep in mind when applying perms

If you are going to have a perm during pregnancy, we recommend that you do it after the middle trimester, when you are feeling more stable. Tell your hair stylist that you are pregnant, and ask her to change your posture frequently and put in a lumbar pillow so that you do not get too tired. If you feel sick during the process, ask for a break. It is also important to go to the bathroom without holding back.

It is best to have your perm done by the 30th week of pregnancy, as it is difficult to lie on your back when you have a large belly.

If you let your hair stylist know that you are pregnant, she will be able to finish your hair in a shorter time and avoid getting perm solution on your skin. If you are going to have a perm, take it easy and do it when you are in good physical condition.


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