Three major tips for people with frizzy hair to order at a hair salon.


Even if you ask the same person at the hair salon to do your hair, the end result will not be the same… For those who have such problems, I recommend using the tips.

Leaving it to me was actually dangerous! Because of the skills of the hairdresser.

It is said that when people with frizzy hair get a cut at a hair salon, the results are sparse. It would be better if we could give detailed information, but if the person in charge is someone we trust, do we leave it to him or her?

In fact, this is the cause of failure. Many hairdressers are highly skilled, but there are also those who cut with sensitivity.

In other words, you can say, “The way I cut changes depending on my mood. Even if you ask them to do the same as before, they will fail because they are in a different mood then.

Especially with frizzy hair, subtle nuances can change the finished product and make it feel like a huge failure.

Evidence is needed to ensure that the ideal result is achieved!

When you want to cut or perm your frizzy hair at a hair salon, it is fundamental to tell them with certainty. Instead of vaguely remembering the hairstyles you like, you must have some kind of evidence that you can say “this”.

You can look at a hair catalog and decide at the hair salon, or if you have other favorites, take pictures of them with your cell phone or smartphone. If you cannot convey a clear image, it may be difficult for the hair stylist to respond. It is easier to convey your image if you ask for counseling based on an image of the style you want to have on your smart phone or other device. Also, be sure to ask about the disadvantages of the style, such as how it will differ from the image you have when you apply the style.

Even if you tell the stylist that you want your hair to be “the same as before,” you can avoid mistakes due to frizzy hair if you keep a picture of your own hair style that you originally used as a reference or that was completed after your last haircut.

Three key points to avoid failure with frizzy hair at the hairdresser’s if you can communicate them properly.

As we mentioned, there are some tips for people with frizzy hair to order at a hair salon. We will now focus on three points.

  1. Do not leave it up to the hairdresser.
    Some hairdressers cut and perm hair with an artistic sensibility. Even if you like your previous hairstyle, you cannot expect to be able to reproduce it if you are in a different mood that day. Keep in mind that you should not leave it to them.
  2. Bring a picture to ensure the image is conveyed.
    If you think you are not good at explaining yourself, bring a picture of the hairstyle you want so that it will be easy for the hair stylist to understand. It is recommended that you bring an image on your cell phone or smartphone for consultation, as you will not make any mistakes and will be closer to your ideal result.
  3. Change to a hair salon that supports frizzy hair.
    If you feel that your current hair salon does not have the ability to deal with frizzy hair, you may want to consider taking the plunge and changing salons. Nowadays, there are hair salons that specialize in frizzy hair and can use the latest technology, so you can rest assured that even with frizzy hair, you will not fail.

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