Three major processes of techniques for men who can make their frizzy hair into a free hairstyle.


Men’s frizzy hair is quite stubborn and difficult to style… To solve such problems, we recommend using a few tricks.

You can’t fix frizzy hair if you don’t shampoo it properly!

In fact, men’s scalps produce more sebum than women’s. Even when they wake up in the morning, it tends to be sticky because they sweat in their sleep.

Even if styling products are applied without it, it will only make it sticky and difficult to create the desired shape. If you have a greasy scalp, make sure it is clean before starting styling.

However, conversely, if you have a dry scalp, you must condition it while reducing the number of times you shampoo, or you will not be able to set your frizzy hair beautifully. Furthermore, the swell of the hair may worsen.

It’s easy just to use the right kind of styling products, which are now available in many varieties!

After shampooing in bed, styling products make it easier to set the hair. Recently, many types of styling products have become available and convenient, not just hard or wet types.

Hair jam is also easy to use when hair is wet. It makes styling frizzy hair easier and keeps the hair from falling apart during the day, so you will be satisfied with its holding power.

It is recommended to put a small amount of hair jam on each point and put it together while using a hair iron as well. However, avoid applying it to the roots as it can lead to thinning.

Three major processes for men to make frizzy hair manageable.

There are tips for men who want to style their frizzy hair. Here is a step-by-step guide to the three processes.

  1. Start carefully with shampooing.
    If you have a sticky scalp, even when you wake up from sleep, start with the step of cleansing with shampoo and nourishing with conditioner. There is no need to shampoo for a long time, as this is just to make it easier to manage. Also, if you have a dry scalp, skip this step and just wet your hair.
  2. Master how to dry with a hair dryer.
    Some people wash their hair and then let it dry naturally, but never do this. The condition of your hair will be fixed with swells!

After towel drying, dry your hair with a dryer and do some preliminary styling, such as straightening your hair. If you have a tendency to dry easily, apply hot air 30 cm away from your hair. Those with severely dry, frizzy hair or noticeably wavy hair should skip this step and move on to applying styling products.

  1. Use styling products to your advantage!
    Apply styling product after hair is dry or towel-dried. If your hair is not frizzy, you can use styling products alone. If your hair is frizzy, it is better to straighten it with a hair iron before applying styling product for easier control. Since the required holding power varies depending on the weather that day, it is best to use two or three different types of styling products.

Men’s frizzy hair styling can change if you use the right steps for your hair. Set it up beautifully while using convenient methods.

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