Thinning hair with two types of sprays!


A hair thickening spray is an item that covers thinning hair by spraying fibers or powder onto the hair to make it appear thicker. They are becoming popular because they can easily cover thinning hair. Various types are available, including sweat- and water-resistant types.

Using two sprays of different types can make your life more comfortable if you can compensate for the advantages and disadvantages of each.

No hair extension spray is perfect for everything.

Hair thickening spray covers thinning hair by making the existing hair look thicker. This is a very helpful item for those who have the problem that it takes time to cure thinning hair from the root, but are still not comfortable using hair transplants or wigs…….

As the number of people using hair growth sprays has increased, the number of types of hair growth sprays has also increased. Those who are using hair growth sprays for the first time are in a state of uncertainty as to what to use.

Hair growth sprays come in a variety of prices and functions, and it is a good idea to have two bottles so that you can use different types depending on the situation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair extension spray?

The advantage of hair growth sprays is that among the many hair thinning solutions available, they are relatively easy to access and can cover up thinning hair with immediate effect. In addition, by spraying colored fibers or powder, gray hair can be hidden at the same time, killing two birds with one stone for those who also have gray hair problems.

The secret of its popularity is that it is relatively easy to use and the result is natural. However, some colors tend to fade easily, and there are some disadvantages, such as getting wet in the rain or having the color stain where you touch it.

In addition, because the color makes the existing hair look thicker, the color will be unnatural on the skin in areas with too little hair. This item is suitable for people with a certain amount of hair remaining.

How to use hair growth spray

First, those who style their hair should do so before applying the hair increase spray. After styling is finished, spray the area where you want to increase hair growth. It is easier to spray while spreading with a brush.

If you spray too much in one area, the fibers and powder will clump together and harden, resulting in an unnatural finish. The trick is to spray a little at a time, moving from place to place. Be careful not to spray too close together.

When drying, it depends on the product, but types that allow the use of a hair dryer tend to dry faster. After spraying, be careful not to touch it with your hands or let your hair touch anywhere until it dries.

What is the use of two hair growth sprays?

Among the many types of hair-enhancement sprays, there are two types: those with high hair-enhancement power and those that are difficult to remove with water or sweat. The spray that does not come off easily is often more expensive, and it costs a lot to use it every day.

The method actually practiced by those who use hair growth sprays is to use both a spray that increases hair growth and a spray that makes it difficult for the spray to fall off. A relatively inexpensive hair thickening spray is used to create the foundation, and a high-performance hair thickening spray or a spray that keeps the hair in place is used to finish the process.

In this way, the consumption of expensive hair growth sprays can be reduced while maintaining a beautiful finish.

As a result, you can keep your hair voluminous by using two sprays, which is more cost-effective.


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