There are foods that can help prevent hair loss! Here are the 5 most recommended foods!


Hair growth products alone do not provide relief. For those who have such concerns, we recommend foods that are effective when eaten.

It was no good to keep eating wakame and seaweed!

It has long been said, “Seaweed is good for your hair!” but this should be considered a myth. It is true that the minerals in seaweed are recommended for shiny hair.

However, it is not expected to prevent hair loss. There is no medical evidence for this, and a seaweed-centered diet will upset the nutritional balance.

The fact that seaweed has an effect is merely a matter of appearance; there is no proof that it has any substantial effect. There is nothing wrong with taking it in for mineral supplementation.

Given the main constituents of our hair, we know what nutrients we need!

Choose foods that prevent hair loss based on the main components of hair. 90% of hair is made up of protein, so protein from food is also an effective nutrient for hair.

Vitamins and minerals are also recommended for the environment of hair growth on the scalp. Vitamin C for collagen production in the scalp and more B vitamins for skin condition can be included.

It is difficult and costly to have several foods that must be included, so consider assembling a diet that provides several ingredients together. The more you have in your repertoire, the more you can prevent hair loss without getting bored with your diet.

Recommended to prevent hair loss! The 5 Best Foods for Prevention

As we have mentioned, a well-balanced diet can prevent hair loss. From here, we will focus on five foods.

  1. Liver is full of nutrients needed to prevent hair loss!
    Liver contains many ingredients recommended for preventing hair loss, such as iron, zinc, and vitamin B. When they are all in one ingredient, they are easy to prepare. Since you will get bored with the same thing every day, try to prevent hair loss by incorporating other ingredients as well.
  2. Citrus fruits stimulate blood circulation!
    Citrus fruits are specialized for vitamins. Vitamins have the effect of widening blood vessels, making them ideal for promoting blood circulation. When blood flow in the scalp improves, nutrients and oxygen are also distributed and hair follicles are revitalized.
  3. nuts are great for preventing hair loss and for gray hair!
    Among nuts, peanuts in particular work on hair matrix cells. It also creates conditions that facilitate hair growth. Among nuts, almonds are rich in zinc and are highly effective in preventing hair loss. Choose to eat unsalted nuts to avoid excessive salt.
  4. Natto is a cheap and easy-to-continue hair loss prevention food
    Natto contains high quality protein. Soy products also contain isoflavone, which acts similarly to the female hormone estrogen. It is also an essential food for combating hair loss because of its ability to suppress male hormones. They can be purchased inexpensively and should be included in your daily diet.
  5. Azuki beans for polyphenols
    Polyphenols, which thin the blood and promote circulation, are recommended not only for health but also for hair loss prevention. Red wine is a typical example, but alcohol intake is not recommended for hair loss. In addition, azuki has a higher amount of polyphenols.

As mentioned above, you can prevent hair loss by choosing foods. Since food is essential for building the body on a daily basis, it is recommended to improve one’s diet by incorporating foods that are effective for hair loss.


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