Stress is a direct cause of thinning hair and has other significant effects


Stress causes thinning hair. Stress relief alone is not enough!

If you have such questions, we recommend that you learn how a chain of causes can lead to thinning hair.

Stress induces other causes of thinning hair!

Many people know that stress causes thinning hair. The direct cause is that it stimulates the autonomic nervous system and causes poor circulation to the scalp.

However, did you know that stress also triggers other causes of thinning hair?

Smokers increase their cigarette volume when they are frustrated. Also, when they drink, stress increases the amount of alcohol they drink, which stimulates even two causes of thinning hair.

Stress reduction is very important because it aggravates thinning hair while also causing other factors.

Stress was the result of trying to relieve stress!

It has become natural for stress to build up in our daily lives. Then there are those who are doing their best to relieve stress to suit their own needs and to prevent thinning hair.

Recently, psychiatrists have announced that sometimes the behavior we think of as stress relief is actually stressful. If you check the sympathetic nervous system of a person who says to himself or herself, “I like cleaning and cleaning relieves stress,” you will find that he or she is in a severely agitated state.

Self-checking shows that you should be able to take a relaxing deep breath when you are able to relieve stress, so check the stress-relieving methods you are currently trying.

In fact, you may be making your thinning hair worse by using the wrong methods.

Such a vicious cycle! Introducing the 3 major stresses created by thinning hair and how to resolve them

As we have shown, there is a strong link between thinning hair and stress. We will now focus on three types of stress that cause thinning hair.

  1. Stress that prevents rapid improvement of thinning hair
    If you are working hard on your hair growth but don’t see immediate results, you may wonder, “Why?” If you are trying hard to grow your hair and you don’t see results right away, you may be more likely to get angry and think, “This is a useless hair growth method! I suspect that many people are more likely to get angry with themselves than to wonder “Why?

The more serious a person is, the more stressed he or she feels about the lack of results. When you cannot solve the problem on your own, you need to change to a method that grows hair while also referring to the opinions of experts.

  1. Stress felt under the gaze of others
    When you are suffering from thinning hair, you know that you are the point here. Many people feel stress when people look at them there. They also feel like they are being made fun of, which makes them very angry.

This stresses them out, and it can lead to thinning hair. It is not good for you to worry about it more than necessary, so you need to try not to worry about it.

  1. Stress felt just by falling out
    Anyway, there are people who say that it is “very stressful” to see the hairs falling out with shampooing every day. They are so shocked that they really want to reduce the number of times they shampoo. However, this stress can be easily resolved if they think, “About 100 hairs fall out per day,” and if they know that this is the amount of 100 hairs they see at once.

As mentioned above, there is a vicious cycle of stress that leads to thinning hair, and that thinning hair leads to stress, so let’s try to find a way to relieve this stress.


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