Straight-haired men must see! How to Fluff Up Flat Hair|How to Apply Wax


Many men may suffer from this kind of problem: “Perhaps it’s because I have straight hair, but my hair flops easily …….”

Unlike women, men cannot, in principle, grow their hair long. Therefore, it is difficult for men to arrange their hair by tying it up or using hair accessories. This is where “how to set the hair” becomes important.

Even for men with straight hair, we will show you how to set your hair so that it does not become flat.


First, let’s start with how to cut hair.
How to choose wax
Hair dryer is a strong ally. Let’s master how to use it!
Don’t apply too much wax! Learn how to use wax.

Let’s start with the cut.

Before we get into how to set your hair, let’s first review your haircut. The cause of flat hair may lie in the way it is cut. On the flip side, even straight hair can be easily set depending on the cut. Here are two ways to deal with this. Find a cut that suits your hair.

The first is to add layers at the top. Layers, also called tiers, are a method of cutting hair so that the hair becomes shorter at the top. This makes it easier to create volume at the top. This is recommended for people whose hair tends to collapse at the top.

The second method is to order a chop cut. Chop cut refers to a cutting technique in which scissors are inserted at an angle to make the hair ends jagged. By cutting the hair in a jagged shape, it is easier to create movement throughout the hair. If you are having trouble creating movement even with wax, please give it a try.

In any case, it is important to add nuance to the hair at the cutting stage. You may have problems such as, “My hair is heavy overall.” Before cutting your hair, you can talk to your hairdresser about these “problems” and ask him or her to come up with a countermeasure. Straight hair is also a shiny and beautiful looking hair texture, so be creative with your cut to take advantage of its merits.

How to choose wax

The choice of wax is also important to keep hair from becoming flat. There are many types of hair waxes, but they can be broadly classified into soft and hard types in terms of holding power, and fiber, matte (clay), and cream types in terms of texture.
Reference】At a glance! Types and Characteristics of Hair Wax

Matte (clay-based) wax is recommended for straight hair. Because it has high holding power, even straight hair stands up easily, and because it is lighter than fiber-based waxes, it is harder to make hair look flat. We will discuss this later.

However, the appropriate wax depends on the hair type, such as stiff or soft hair, and the length of the hair, so try several waxes to find the one that suits you best.

From here, you are ready for styling.

A hair dryer is a strong ally. Let’s master how to use it!

After washing, hair should be thoroughly wiped dry and properly dried with a hair dryer. Some men skip this step, but it is very important.

The way to do this is to dry the hair in a way that allows air between the scalp and the hair, rather than unnecessarily messing up the hair. If you handle your hair roughly, your hair will not be soft and you will tend to make mistakes when using wax.

If you have room, add another twist. For areas where you want to create volume, apply a focused blow-dryer to the hair by raising the roots. If your hair is short, dry it while holding it with your hands. Conversely, for areas where you want to control volume, apply the hair dryer while holding the hair down with your hand. This will create a base for easy styling.

Once the base is created, it is time to start styling with wax.

Don’t over wax! Learn how to use wax.

People who have trouble setting their hair firmly, who say their hair doesn’t last until the evening, or who are sensitive to humidity tend to apply a lot of wax. This is because they want to keep their hair style in place with the help of wax.

However, this method is actually counterproductive.

Wax has its own “weight. Therefore, if a large amount of wax is applied, it will not hold the hairstyle in place, but rather, the wax itself will cause the hairstyle to fall apart. It is also a bad idea to put it all over one place.

Let us introduce the proper way to use wax.

  1. Spread a thin layer over the entire palm of your hand.
    Spread until transparent and make sure to spread to fingertips.
  2. Spread it over the entire hair in a scrunching motion so that it becomes airy.
    It is better to start from the top where you want to create the most volume. Too much wax on the bangs will make them look unnatural, so after finishing the top and back of the head, leave a little wax on your hands.
  3. Create the desired nuance.
    If you don’t grip a strand of hair, you get a light look; if you grab a little strand and twist it, you get a voluminous finish! If necessary, spray to firm up the hair and you are done.

The key is to not apply too much wax and to rub it in so that it becomes airy. If you are creative with your hair cut, you can create a hairstyle that is not floppy by simply following these two points.

Using wax and a hair dryer can be a challenge at first. However, if you keep at it, you will surely master how to use them. Once you do, don’t be afraid to set straight hair for men! Let’s work hard to achieve our ideal hairstyles!


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