Recommended checkpoints for selecting hairspray


Hairspray is indispensable for styling hair for weddings, parties, presentations, and other special occasions. Of course, it is useful not only for special occasions, but also for styling on windy, humid, or rainy days. There are many different types of hair sprays, ranging from those that protect your hair from humidity and wind to those that add shine and beauty to those that block ultraviolet rays.

Here we introduce the types of hairspray and recommended checkpoints to keep in mind when selecting a hairspray.

Types of hairspray and how to choose

Hard spray for styling
A spray for styling hair. The main ingredient is liquefied resin, which acts as an adhesive between hair. Spraying it on the hair after styling helps to keep the hair style in place for a long time.

This styling product is recommended for a variety of people, including those with soft hair that tends to spread out in humidity and those with frizzy hair that swells after a few hours of blow-drying. This type of hairspray comes in several levels of setting power. Those with high setting power can be difficult to handle and can also be hard on your hair if not removed thoroughly.

Select a hairspray while considering the balance between the condition of your hair and your hair style.

Hair spray for adding shine
Spray to add luster and moisture to hair while styling to make hair look beautiful. It works to moisturize damaged hair and improve its texture. Some sprays have a treatment effect, while others have no styling effect and are only for adding shine.

People whose hair itself is naturally oily should be careful when using these products, as they may cause hair to become sticky over time.

Many of them are scented, so choose one that does not conflict with perfume or the scent of other styling products.

UV-blocking hair spray
A sunscreen spray for hair to protect hair from UV rays. Exposure to UV rays ages hair and scalp, causing dryness and hair loss. This is a spray that you should definitely use when you are exposed to plenty of UV rays, such as during leisure activities in the summer.

There are some that are specially designed for hair and others that can be used on both hair and body. There are also water sprays for fixing sleeping hair that have UV-blocking effects, so choose the one that best suits the situation in which you will be using it.

Be careful of the ingredients in that hairspray!

People with sensitive skin and those who use natural, low-cleaning shampoos should be aware of the ingredients in hairspray.

Because hairspray for styling is made of liquefied resin, it is difficult to remove when it adheres to the hair and pores. Therefore, soapy shampoos and other weak detergents may not be able to remove it properly. People who use natural shampoos or have scalp problems should choose hair sprays that contain as few additives as possible. Those from additive-free cosmetic manufacturers are a good choice. Be aware, however, that the price will be much more expensive.

Different hair styles with different hairsprays!

There are various types of hair sprays for different purposes, each with its own merits and demerits. If you fully understand their characteristics, how to choose the right one, and master how to use it, you will be able to enjoy your daily hairstyling even more.

Please refer to pop-ups in stores, notes on packages, and word-of-mouth on the Internet to find the perfect hair spray for your hair.


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