Perm for those who have difficulty getting perms.


Perm styles are very popular among people who want to enjoy fashionable hairstyles that give a soft image with movement. However, depending on the hair type, damage, and treatment history, it may not always go the way you want.

In this article, we will let you know the hair quality and treatment history that make it difficult to apply, and introduce the points that those with such hair should tell the hair stylist when placing an order.

Know your hair to be less susceptible.

  1. Hair type that is difficult to apply
    Straight hair that looks firm and shiny well. (The cuticle on the surface of the hair is firm, so it is difficult for the hair to absorb the hair dye.)

(The cuticle on the surface of the hair is firm, so it is difficult for the hair to be penetrated by the hair dye. (Less protein inside the hair = less material to bend the hair, making it difficult to form waves.)

  1. History of treatment that is difficult to apply
    Hair that has been straightened or permed. (The structure of the hair has been remodeled to be straight, and the heat treatment has hardened the protein, so it may be difficult to apply.)

Hair that has been ironed repeatedly every day and the protein has hardened. (Even if no chemicals are used, the protein is hardened by continuous heat treatment, and it may be difficult to apply.)

(Even if no medication is used, it may be difficult to apply due to protein hardening caused by continuous heat application.) Recently, due to the influence of chemicals and better techniques on the part of hair stylists, it can no longer be said that protein degeneration has occurred at the ends of hair just because it has been straightened. Hair that is hardened protein is stiff to the touch and stiffer than the rest of the hair. Mainly, this type of hair is difficult to perm. Also, depending on the degree of damage, it may frizz up adversely, so please consult with your hair stylist carefully.

Recommended perms for each type of hair that is difficult to get & what to tell the hairdresser.

The following perms are more suitable for hair that is difficult to get than standard perms.

Creep perm
Creep perm is suitable for hard-to-curl hair because it stabilizes and maintains the wave shape between the first and second treatment. In addition, treatment ingredients are supplied at the same time, so the texture will be better than before the perm. (Effective for all three types of hair that are difficult to get perms on.)

Air perm
Creep perm using the power of air. This perm is a more serious version of the creep perm.

  1. Digital Perm
    Between the first and second agents, the power of heat is used to shape-memorize the wave. By using low-temperature heat to penetrate treatment ingredients, waves can be expressed with minimal damage even with heat. (Effective for both of the two types listed in the history of difficult to apply treatments)
  2. Tannin perm *The name differs depending on the salon.
    This is a perm that uses 1 agent – treatment – 2 agents containing an ingredient called tannin. Tannin forms artificial cross-links in the hair, filling in the gaps inside the hair and increasing the hair density, which results in bounce and volume. (Effective for hair that lacks bounce and body and is limp.)
  3. W Cosme Perm *Name differs depending on the salon.
    Before curling rods, a softening agent is applied to the hair, and once the hair is softened, the rods are curled, and then one more agent is applied. Because the chemicals are used in two stages, it is easier to apply perms. (Effective for straight hair that looks firm and shiny well, and hair that is not damaged at all and has a core)

It is important to tell the hair stylist what kind of result you want, but it is also important to tell her about your hair.

Please make sure to give information about your hair, such as: “It is hard to get a perm,” “It didn’t work in the past,” “I iron my hair every day…” and so on. Even if you think “I want a perm,” the information you give will determine whether or not a perm is actually appropriate. If you are a good hairdresser, you will be able to get the right perm.

A good hairdresser will ask for detailed information during the consultation and draw it out on his/her own without you having to give him or her information about your hair.

If you are having trouble getting a haircut, it is important to ask such a hairdresser for help. (If they do not listen carefully to your hair and try to move on to the treatment right away, you may avoid them.)

) With the above in mind, when getting a perm, consult with your hairdresser and get a perm using a treatment method that suits your hair. By doing so, you can achieve a soft style with movement even if your hair is difficult to get a perm on, and you will be able to enjoy your fashion more and more.


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