New perm, air wave


There are various methods of perms. Depending on the method, the way the wave is applied, the degree of damage to the hair, and the duration of the perm will differ.

What kind of perm is Air Wave, a new technology that has been attracting attention recently?

Perm Type

The term “perm” is subdivided into several categories depending on the method and chemicals used.

Common perms are called cold perms, which use perm agents that are applied at room temperature without heat. A digital perm is a perm that has lasting power but damages the hair easily. Air wave, which has recently become a hot topic, is classified as a digital perm.

Perms that contain “cis-based” or “cosmetic-registered type” ingredients in the agent are less likely to damage hair than perms with agents containing “thioglycol-based” ingredients.

How to do each perm

Cold perm applies perm solution to the hair and rolls it with a lot to create a wave. Since only chemicals are used to apply waves, the duration is about one and a half months, and the hair is not severely damaged.

Digital perm is a method of applying waves with the power of chemicals and heat. The lot itself generates heat, which adds firm curls and waves to the hair. It has high staying power and can last from six months to a year, depending on the hair type. Because it uses heat, it is more damaging to the hair than cold permanent wave.

Air wave also uses heat, but instead of the lot getting hot, warm air is passed between the lot and the hair to create the wave. It takes a little longer than cold permanent wave because it adjusts the protein sequence inside the hair, but because the internal protein is well adjusted, the waves are beautifully done and have good staying power.

How to curl air wave

When air waving, a special machine called an “air wave” is used. With this machine, warm air is sent between the lot and the curled hair to regulate the moisture and temperature of the hair. This allows perms to be applied without drying the hair, which reduces damage to the hair and increases staying power.

Since moisture is retained, hair does not become dry and shiny as if it has undergone a treatment. The curl does not change whether the hair is wet or dry, making it easy to style.

Fluffy curls

Air wave creates a relaxed wave, perhaps because of the airflow between the lot and the hair. The curls at the ends of the hair also have a fluffy nuance like natural curls.

It can be applied to any part of the hair, from the entire hair to partial perms, or just to the ends, and can be safely applied even if the hair has already been straightened. It is a convenient perm for people who have trouble with volume in their hair or who have frizzy hair that does not need to be straightened.

If you want to create volume without stressing your hair, Airwave is the best perm for you.

However, hair that has had its internal proteins denatured by excessive heat from straightening or digital perms (the difference between straightening and digital perms is whether an iron or a heat-transfer lot is used) may not be able to be permed even with Airwave. The health of the hair at the base of the perm is of utmost importance.

Care for your hair without damaging it

It is less damaging to the hair than cold or digital perms, but it also requires daily care. You should always treat your hair for permed hair when you shampoo, and you should also use a treatment that does not rinse out.

A little extra care will make your natural curls and waves look even better.


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