Must-see for women with frizzy hair! Advantages and disadvantages of straight perm


Have you ever had an experience where your hair is unruly or not decided the way you want it to be because of your frizzy hair? Here, we introduce in detail the straight perm, which is widely known as an easy way to improve frizzy hair.

Improve your frizzy hair! I wanna know the advantages and disadvantages of straight perms!

Straight perm is a method of straightening hair using chemicals. The chemicals used are the same as those used in regular perms. In other words, there is no difference in the treatment method from a normal perm.

Straight perms have the disadvantages of returning to the original state of frizzy hair over time and damaging the hair in the same way as a normal perm, but they also have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive.

(When compared to hair straightening, which is effective in improving frizzy hair), it may be better to think of perms as creating a straight style, rather than dramatically improving frizzy hair.

Determine the difference between straightening and straight perm.

Hair straightening is known as a method to improve frizzy hair. Hair straightening is a treatment that uses special chemicals to straighten frizzy hair by applying heat, such as with an iron. Because it uses stronger chemicals than a straight perm, the effect can be said to be dramatic. However, the cost is high and damage to the hair is unavoidable.

On the other hand, the straight perm is less effective in straightening frizzy hair, but allows for a style similar to straight hair. Straightening hair is semi-permanent, but its effect does not last on newly grown hair.

Rather than repeatedly straightening damaged hair, one way to enjoy flexible hairstyles is to use a straight perm.

What type of frizzy hair is suitable for straight perm?



I need to improve my frizzy hair and get the hair style I’ve always wanted!

Hair straightening has proven to be the most effective way to remove all the root causes of frizzy hair. However, many people hesitate when they consider the damage to their hair and the high cost. In this respect, you can easily try a straight perm just like a regular perm.

Recently, hair technology has improved remarkably, and the number of hair salons offering styles that do not bother tough, frizzy hair is increasing.

Even if you can’t achieve silky straight hair, why not try a straight perm for a nice, easy-to-style hairstyle?

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