Must-see for men with bulging hair sides! How to reduce horizontal spread|Permanent wave and cut to reduce volume [Supervised by hairdresser].

髪の毛 横に広がる

For men, as their hair grows longer, they are inevitably concerned about bulges on the sides. What can be done to reduce this bulge? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.


This time’s question: “I am concerned about the bulge on the side of my hair.
The key is to cut hair frequently.
Clearly trimmed with a two-block haircut
Permanent hair cut to reduce volume on the sides

This time, the concern was, “I’m concerned about the bulges on the sides of my hair, any suggestions?”

I don’t like the way the sides and sides of my hair bulge out. According to my hairdresser, “That’s the way it grows,” and it seems to have always been prone to spreading out. It makes my head look bigger, and when the sides bulge, it looks tacky.

Even though I try my best to control it with a hair dryer, it still bulges. The hair from the top of my head has not yet reached my ears, and the hair in that area is particularly puffy. If I wait for it to grow out, can I make the sides tighter depending on the weight and length of the hair?

Blistering cuts are the key.

One respondent suggested that the best solution would be to get a haircut at a hair salon more frequently, such as once a month.

The best solution is to go for a haircut more often! Also, use a hard styling product and a hard spray to keep the hair tight. (Tokyo/Katsushika, Codino hive)

I think the styling can cover the problem. If the cut is well cut, it will look good depending on how you set it! (Hiroshima/Hiroshima SHAMAN hair plus)

(Hiroshima/Hiroshima SHAMAN hair plus) “There is also a way to leave some hair on the sides and top and reduce the amount of hair on the inside. By assessing the quality of the hair and using a slide cut to reduce the volume on the inside of the sides, you can make the hair look more manageable and fit in better. (Tokyo/Minato Hair Salon Blanl’or)

Clearly trimmed with a two-block

Many respondents said that when they are concerned about bulges on the sides of their hair, they recommend a clear-cut two-block haircut.

One respondent said, “If you are OK with a two-block, how about a two-block? I think it will give you a much cleaner look. (Hachioji/Sanda Air)

There are many male clients who are troubled by bulging sides. The most popular style is the two-block with the sides trimmed. (Hokkaido/Kitami PLUS:e)

The two-block is one way. There are many ways to do it, for example, by trimming the hair thicker so that the side cut is not too emphasized. (Tokyo/Minato hair jam “tamue”)

Permanent side volume reduction

One answer that was seen was that perms are one way to reduce the volume on the sides.

“I think it will look much better if you straighten perms on some parts of the hair. (Hyogo/ Takarazuka LUCIA)

For example, I think it would be good to have cosmetic straightening on the sides to reduce volume without using an iron. (Tokyo/Minato hair jam “tamue”)

What did you think? It seems that there are many ways to reduce the volume of your hair, such as going for frequent cuts, trimming it with a two-block, and reducing the volume. Talk to your hair salon about the bulges on the sides of your hair, and let them take a look at your hair texture and other factors to find the perfect solution!


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