Must-have for women with frizzy hair! 5 Great Measures for a Rainy Day!


Even if you can set your hair reasonably well in the morning, it will swell and explode a few hours later. “Rainy days” are a demon for those with frizzy hair. Japan has a long rainy season, so rainy day countermeasures are a real headache. Here are five techniques to keep your hair manageable even on rainy days.


Reset by frequent brushing or combing
Iron and blow-dry rather than blow-dry.
Use a styling product with low holding power.
If you feel annoyed, use a pin rather than an elastic band.
Use “palm spray” to calm the hair.
Moisture control is the key for frizzy hair!

Reset by frequent brushing or combing.

Rather than aiming to “keep your hair set in the morning,” it is better to leave some room for breakage and reset your hair with frequent brushing, so that frizzy hair is less noticeable.

Before reworking brushing, spray a light-finish brushing product or apply hair cream to the ends of the hair and hold the top part of the hair with what is left in your hand to prevent static and keep it moist and manageable. Styling products with a lot of moisture, such as hair milk or lotion, will make the hair more and more frizzy back, so a stiff hair cream is suitable.

Iron + cold air finish rather than blow-drying.

Now let’s look at how to set your hair in the morning to make brushing resetting easier. On rainy days, we recommend using a hair iron, which is hot enough to stretch hair thoroughly. Using a well-warmed iron, iron the ends, bangs, and roots, in that order. If you feel that your hair has become too hot, cool it down by lightly applying cool air from a hair dryer to the surface. This will help keep the style.

Styling products with “low hold” are recommended.

If you use styling products that harden your hair to keep it set until the evening, you will not be able to reset it. If you do, use a wax with a natural finish. The trick is to apply more to the ends of the hair and just press the surface on the top.

Wax has a surprisingly high moisture content, so be sure to use a moderate amount, as too much wax will make it easier for frizz to come back.

If you feel annoyed, put together with “pins rather than elastic”.

On rainy days, hair feels even more annoying than usual. It is tempting to tie your hair up with an elastic, but tying it up with an elastic will inevitably make it more frizzy. On days when you want to spend time with your hair in a down style, it is best not to use an elastic. If you are really annoyed, you can use a half updo by loosely gathering hair on both sides.

Then make use of pins. Pulling and pinning the frizzy part of your hair will make it easier to reset.

How to calm the whole area with a “palm spray.”

Although it is not recommended to do this when styling in the morning, because you may end up with powdery hair when you brush it, it is a useful method when you want to “get through the after 5.

Specifically, after brushing, spray a hard-hold spray into the palm of your hand and apply tension while squeezing from the ends of the hair. If you have access to an iron, you can apply it all over the hair after ironing and then pull it by hand one more time.

Moisture control is the key to frizzy hair!

During the rainy season, hair salons see a tremendous increase in orders for straightening and perms. Although this may be an effective way to make things easier, it should be taken into consideration that it does not essentially cure frizzy hair, and that it can damage the hair.

The key to rainy day prevention for frizzy hair is moisture control. Just be careful not to give your hair too much excess moisture through styling, and you will have calming hair.


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