Men with soft hair must have. What is the easiest haircut to set?


My hair is soft and doesn’t stand up well.
My hair looks flat.
For women, there are ways to look cute with soft hair, but for men, it is very difficult…”
Surprisingly, many men with soft or fine hair suffer from these problems.

So let’s take a look at men’s hairstyles for men with soft hair!

First, the prep work. How to Order at the Beauty Salon

For soft hair, it is a bit troublesome, but keep in mind that the standard condition is basically “waxed” hair. In other words, when you get your hair cut at a hair salon, you need to have it cut on the premise that it will be waxed and set.

First, have your hair shaved. If you explain at this time that you are going to wax your hair, there will be fewer mistakes. For those with soft hair, the weight of the wax tends to overwhelm the hair, but by consciously creating “gaps” in the hair, the hair will be less likely to be crushed.

Another option is to go all out and go short. The shorter the hair, the harder it will be to wear down. It may be a good idea to give your hair a perm to make it fluffy. If you have frizzy hair, it is a good idea to have your hair styled in a way that makes the most of your frizzy hair. In any case, please consult with your hair stylist.

How to set

When soft-haired men set their hair, it is important to choose the right wax. As mentioned above, for men’s hair with soft hair, wax is a prerequisite.

At this time, you want to choose a hard type with high holding power. It is low in water content and holds the hairstyle firmly in place. Elongating type waxes are not suitable for soft hair.

It may give a sticky look, but the wax itself is heavy and may make the hair look limp.

Use the correctly chosen wax in combination with a hair dryer. Start by drying your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer once it is wet. At this time, it is important to apply the hair dryer properly to the roots to completely remove the moisture. Otherwise, the wax will not adhere properly.

Be especially careful to dry the top and other areas where you want to create volume. Pinch the hair and apply the dryer firmly to the roots. This will make the roots stand up and create volume. Creating a foundation with a hair dryer is important for creating a haircut.

Once the foundation has been laid, use wax to set the hair. Spread wax on your hands and apply wax from the middle of your hair to the ends. If you apply wax to the roots, the weight of the wax will prevent your hair from standing up. Also, be aware that it may become sticky.

After wax is applied to the entire hair, apply nuance to the ends of the hair. Pinch and twist the hair to create a bundled look.

However, even after going this far, some people may still find that their hair falls asleep. In that case, use a hairspray.

Hairspray plays the role of keeping “the condition of hair after it is set” and contributes to maintaining the hairstyle without disrupting the hair that has been set. There is also the opposite concept of using hairspray as a “foundation,” setting the inside of the hair with the spray and applying wax on the outside.

Setting soft hair is a difficult task. But if you think about how to set your hair properly, keeping your hairstyle in place is easier than you might think!


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