It is meaningful to utilize the blow-drying that is included in other menus at beauty salons.


They blow-dry your hair at the salon, but that’s just a bonus, right? However, you will learn techniques that you can use in your everyday styling.

Learn the hairdresser’s blow technique for free?

You probably go to a hair salon every month for a cut or perm. After you go, your hair is very manageable and keeps its beautiful shape. The next day, when you try to recreate it, isn’t it very difficult and disappointing?

One of the reasons why hairdressers blow-dry hair is to give a lecture to customers so that they can easily style their hair every day. This is because there is no point in having your hair styled if you can’t reproduce it yourself.

So, when the hairdresser is blow-drying your hair, go and observe carefully. You can learn the technique without paying for a lecture.

Since hairdressers blow-dry from the backside, you should also remember the difference we do from the front side.

Conveniently use professional techniques even before you go out!

As you get used to styling your hair in everyday life, you can make it look the way you want. However, on days when you have to go out, even if you put a lot of effort into styling your hair, don’t you feel blue because it doesn’t come together? You feel frustrated when time passes and your hair does not look the way you want it to, and you are not in the mood to go out.

This is where you want to take advantage of the blow-drying techniques of a hair stylist. If you can’t do it yourself, it is better to rely on a professional.

If you can’t do it yourself, it is better to rely on a professional. They offer a set menu or a menu that includes shampoo and blow-dry, so if you go to a hair salon with time to spare, you will be satisfied with the styling.

Instead of wasting time and stressing yourself out, you may be able to rely on a professional who can reliably finish your hair with an inexpensive menu.

Learn how to steal techniques to improve your blow technique in 3 major ways.

As we have shown you, there is more to blow-drying at the beauty salon than just drying. Here are three major points on how to steal the technique.

  1. Basic blow-drying is so important!
    Hairdressers are professionally trained, so what we only take for granted is not possible in everyday styling.

We tend to think that curling is enough to create volume, but it involves a small technique called standing up while drying from the roots. If you observe carefully, you will understand the trick.

  1. Stealing techniques makes daily styling fun!
    We would love to learn the hairdresser’s technique, which makes even a hand blow-dryer look several levels more beautiful. Even without using a curling dryer, it takes time to achieve a high level of styling, but the result will be better than if you knew nothing about it.

It makes sense to check the blow-drying process because it creates the most beautiful looking shape for your hair style.

  1. If you wear glasses, ask to see just the finishing touches.
    Some people want to see the blow-drying technique, but they cannot see it if they are wearing glasses. It also interferes with the hairdresser’s blow-drying process, so there is a way to observe with the glasses on after saying no to the hairdresser.

However, it is difficult for the hairdresser to move after towel drying, so we recommend that you ask them to show you after your hair has dried to some extent and you are at the finishing stage.

As mentioned above, blow-drying, which you may have thought of only as a bonus, has a meaning, and if you understand it, you will be free to style your hair by yourself. It takes time to learn it, but it is easy to understand because you have seen it practiced before.


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