Is the cause still genetic? A thorough explanation of the causes of frizzy hair!


Genetics is the most common cause of frizzy hair, but there are other lifestyle causes as well. Let’s not give up and say that it is genetic, but first let’s learn about the causes. In this issue, we will introduce the causes of frizzy hair and how to deal with them, starting with the causes caused by heredity and other lifestyle-related factors.

Are there other causes of frizzy hair besides heredity?

If the pores are distorted, the hairs that grow from them are also produced distorted. This is the basic cause of frizzy hair due to heredity.

Incidentally, if one parent has curly hair, there is a 70% chance that the child will also have curly hair, and if both parents have curly hair, there is a 90% chance that the child will also have curly hair. This must be very frustrating for those who have a complex about their frizzy hair. This is because they have no choice but to use artificial methods to fix their frizzy hair, which is not a good idea.

So, is there anything we can do to alleviate frizzy hair as much as possible? Let’s continue to look at ways to deal with the causes of frizzy hair other than heredity.

Causes of frizzy hair Absorption of water by cortex inside hair

The surface of the hair can be divided into the cuticle, cortex, and medulla, in that order. the second cortex can be further divided into the A cortex and the B cortex. the A cortex is a protein that absorbs moisture easily.

The A cortex is a protein that absorbs moisture easily. Therefore, the more of this area that is present, the more frizzy the hair will be when moisture penetrates into the hair. The countermeasure is to be careful not to peel off the cuticle. Do not scrub your hair with a towel after washing. If you do not allow moisture to penetrate inside, the cortex ratio is irrelevant.

Causes of frizzy hair Clogged pores due to sebum and additives

Frizzy hair can be produced by a slightly different cause than pore distortion. It is pore clogging caused by sebum and additives. Pores are especially prone to clogging because styling products and shampoos contain silicone and other unnecessary substances.

Along with sebum, the scalp should be washed with the correct shampoo. The key is not to wash your hair, but rather to firmly apply the bellies of your fingers to your scalp to remove deposits from the pores. It is also important to choose other hair care products that you trust, such as using non-silicone shampoo. Although we cannot change the distortion of the pores, we can improve frizzy hair by eliminating pore clogging.

Causes of frizzy hair Irregular hair growth due to poor diet

When the diet is disordered, an irregular rhythm is established in hair growth. Hair that is thick in some areas and fine in others is unbalanced and prone to frizziness. This hair is called continuous hair. It is difficult to improve even with hair straightening because it has thin sections and is easily torn off, making it a nuisance. To prevent chain hair, we recommend that you review your diet. Make sure to consume fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, which form hair, without excess or deficiency, and to eat a regular diet by quitting snacking and dieting.

Although it is tempting to tamper with your hair by straightening or perming it due to genetic factors, you may be able to improve your hair even a little by reviewing your lifestyle habits. You can start improving your lifestyle today.

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