Is it true that shaving your hair will make it clear and straight even if you suffer from frizzy hair!


If you have a problem with frizzy hair, shaving it will really cure it! If you want to cure it somehow, it is recommended to know how it works and think about it.

There is a time for growth to cure frizzy hair with a shaved head!

Some people have gotten rid of their frizzy hair because “I shaved my head when I was a kid,” or “I shaved my head in junior high school for club activities.” Conversely, some people say they got frizzy hair for the same reason.

Considering the process, we tend to think that shaving the head as a shaved head caused a change in the frizzy hair. However, if you consider the original reason, you will see that it was not triggered by shaving the head, but it just happened to be the right time to make the change.

The baby and junior high school years were also a period of growth, and it just coincided with the timing when people who originally had elements of frizzy or straight hair felt the change.

Based on the cause of frizzy hair, a shaved head makes no sense!

One of the major causes of frizzy hair is a distortion in the hair follicles themselves or in the way the hair grows. Most of these are congenital causes, so just because you shave your hair in the middle of the process does not mean that your hair will lose its frizziness.

For a while after shaving your hair, it is short and you will not feel the waviness as much as usual. However, as it grows out, the frizzy hair will become more noticeable, so shaving your hair does not solve the fundamental problem.

As you age, your hair pores will change, so if you shave your hair at that time, you will only feel a change in hair quality in some cases.

Cure with a shaved head! Pick up on the connection with frizzy hair!

As we have shown you, shaving your hair does not often cure frizzy hair. From here, we will focus on the three main times when frizzy hair changes.

  1. Growth phase causes a change in frizzy hair.
    From when the hair is a baby to junior high school and high school age, it is in its growth phase. Therefore, by shaving your hair, you may notice a change in the way your hair becomes straight or vice versa.
  2. Changes in frizzy hair occur with age.
    Women experience changes in hormonal balance during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. As men age, their scalp loosens and the shape of their hair follicles changes. At that time, if the hair is shaved, the condition of frizzy hair may be cured.
  3. If hair loss is caused by disease, the frizzy hair will change.
    As part of the treatment of an illness, hair loss may occur due to medication. In this case, there is a great deal of constitutional change, and because the hair is reset from the roots, some people, although very rare, have their frizzy hair cured.

If the timing of the change in frizzy hair as described above is such that the hair is shaved, there are cases in which the hair becomes straight. It is simply a coincidence of timing, and shaving does not mean that the frizzy hair will change.

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