Is it true that napping is effective? What is the relationship between thinning hair and sleep?


Sleep deprivation is said to increase thinning and hair loss. To prevent thinning hair and hair loss, it is necessary to improve sleep deprivation, and napping is attracting attention as a way to improve sleep deprivation. This section introduces the relationship between thinning hair and sleep, as well as how to take naps and what to look out for.

Sleep deprivation leads to thinning and hair loss.

Tobacco and stress are well-known causes of thinning hair, but lack of sleep is another cause. People who sleep less than five hours, especially those who sleep less than five hours, are more likely to experience hair loss.

During sleep, the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant, but if sleep is short, the sympathetic nervous system, which constricts blood vessels, becomes dominant, and the autonomic nervous system is easily disturbed, adversely affecting blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. In order to make hair thicker and stronger, it is necessary to get a good night’s sleep.

However, even if you want to increase your sleeping hours, you may not always have the time to sleep as you would like because you always come home late from work, for example. This is where naps come in: naps of 30 minutes or less are said to be effective in improving sleep deprivation, and more and more people are taking them.

Napping brings us closer to our natural sleep rhythm.

Let’s first review the benefits of napping. Most people normally live on a once-a-day sleep pattern, but physiologically it is said to be natural to become sleepy twice a day: once 8 hours after waking and again 22 hours after waking.

For example, a person who wakes up at 6:00 a.m. will become sleepy around 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. The reason why we become sleepy between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. after lunch is not only because blood is concentrated in the stomach due to eating, but also because of our sleep rhythm.

When we get closer to our natural sleep rhythm, we can concentrate better, make fewer mistakes, and come up with ideas more easily, which improves performance. Napping was introduced in the U.S., and many Japanese companies and schools have adopted the practice.

Aim to prevent thinning hair by taking naps.

Studies on napping show that napping is an effective way to help the body stay healthy, including lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. When napping can improve sleep deprivation, it can also benefit hair and scalp health, leading to less hair loss and thicker hair.

It is important that naps be taken no later than 3:00 p.m. so that they do not affect nighttime sleep. Also, sleep should be limited to 15 to 30 minutes; sleeping beyond 30 minutes can reduce performance, not only in terms of nighttime sleep, but also in terms of waking up from sleep.

Naps are said to be more than twice as effective as nighttime sleep, so even a short 15-minute sleep can be effective.

Don’t forget to wake up refreshed.

To wake up refreshed from a nap, drink a cup of coffee or other beverage containing caffeine before your nap. The awakening effect of caffeine takes about 30 minutes after drinking, so the effect will appear just in time for you to wake up from your nap.

Also, if you do some light physical exercise after napping, such as stretching, you will feel even more refreshed and ready for your next activity.

Sleep is important not only for physical conditioning, such as relieving physical fatigue, but also for relieving stress-related tension, which can cause hair loss. In addition to sleeping at night, take a nap during the daytime for as little as 10 minutes to prevent thinning hair.


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