Is Hair Growth Products Alone Not Enough to Fight Thinning Hair? Three Things to Do in Conjunction


Hair growth products are one of the best ways to prevent thinning hair. However, if used incorrectly, they are not only ineffective, but also put more stress on the scalp. Here we introduce the efficacy and precautions of hair growth products, as well as hair loss countermeasures that should be taken in conjunction with hair growth products.

Benefits of Hair Growth Products

The efficacy of hair growth products can be divided into three main patterns. They are “blood circulation promotion,” “cell division promotion,” and “pore cleansing. If you do not choose a hair-growth agent that suits your condition from among these, you cannot expect it to be effective. There are also hair growth agents designated as pharmaceuticals that contain minoxidil and other ingredients.

For those who lack exercise, have an oily diet, or are anemic, improving blood flow to the scalp can help regulate the hair cycle. Next, cell division-promoting hair growth products contain ingredients that directly promote cell division of hair matrix cells and are intended for people with relatively advanced thinning hair.

Finally, the pore cleansing type can remove dirt not only from the scalp but also from deep within the pores. This one can be used in the early stages of thinning hair to get the best results.

Hair Growth Precautions

Because hair growth products contain a variety of hair growth ingredients, it is important to be aware that some people may experience allergic symptoms or other side effects. Specifically, liquid, mist, and other application-type products may cause acne, pimples, itching, or rashes on the scalp.

In severe cases, it may cause sores on the skin, which may worsen the scalp environment, not hair growth, so be sure to do a patch test before using the product.

In addition, using hair growth products alone may not be effective on their own. It is important to improve the scalp environment comprehensively, including hair growth products.

Shampoo is important! Let’s improve the scalp environment!

Many hair growth products are recommended to be used in a clean state immediately after washing hair. However, it is no use if the shampoo has damaged the scalp. Commercially available petroleum-based shampoos contain synthetic surfactants, which can be very harmful to the scalp.

We recommend shampoos that are amino acid-based, plant-derived, and mild in cleaning power. Also, hair-growth shampoos cannot be expected to be very effective on their own, but they can play a complementary role when used in combination with hair-growth agents or treatments.

Promoting hair growth from the inside with therapeutic drugs

For effective hair loss control, a therapeutic drug should be considered. There are two ingredients that are known to be effective for male pattern baldness: minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil regenerates hair follicles by promoting blood circulation, while finasteride prevents hair loss.

Minoxidil-containing drugs are topical medications that are applied to the scalp and can be purchased at general pharmacies. It does not have an immediate effect, but many people find it more effective the longer they continue to use it.

Finasteride is an oral medication that basically requires a prescription from a doctor; it is recommended to visit a hospital that specializes in AGA (male pattern baldness).

If you don’t improve your lifestyle, all your efforts will be for naught.

No matter how diligently you use hair-growth agents and treatments, if your lifestyle is disordered, their effectiveness will be halved. An unbalanced diet due to too much oil and sweets, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise are major enemies of hair loss prevention. These lead to the secretion of hormones that interfere with the cell division of hair matrix cells.

In addition, eye strain caused by excessive use of computers and smartphones and stress from overworking are also bad for the scalp. If you have any of these conditions in mind, you should make a conscious effort to review your lifestyle.

Measures to prevent hair loss are effective when approached from both inside and outside the body in combination with hair growth products. Please refer to the measures introduced in this article to find the best countermeasure for your own thinning hair.


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