Irritating because it spreads too much! Causes and countermeasures for frizzy hair


Stubborn, frizzy hair that doesn’t listen easily. Styling it is extremely difficult. Many people think, “It’s genetic, so it can’t be helped…” However, it is known that there are acquired factors that cause frizzy hair, and there are cases where it can be improved.

Here is some information that can benefit those with frizzy hair. There are also a lot of hairstyles that can be enjoyed because of frizzy hair.

Is it the pores that cause frizzy hair?

If you examine the pores of a person with wavy hair, you will find that they are curved compared to straight hair. This means that the hair grows through the curved pores, which also causes the hair to curve. So why do pores curve?

One possible acquired factor is a clogged pore. In some cases, the pores become narrowed and frizzy due to the volume of dandruff and dirt left behind from washing styling products, shampoos, and other products, and chronic dandruff.

In addition, regular use of shampoos and other products containing ingredients that are not good for the body causes the scalp to become slightly alkaline. The scalp has difficulty excreting waste products, which can lead to clogged pores.

Dietary and lifestyle habits also require attention.

When we talk about frizzy hair, we tend to focus on the hair itself, but in the end, it is a part of the body. Since it grows from the scalp, it is the entire body that is important.

In fact, if you have an unbalanced diet or an irregular lifestyle, your hair will become thin and frizzy. As many of you may have experienced with dieting, an intensive diet will definitely make your hair thinner.

And if you repeatedly go on excessive diets and rebound lifestyles, your frizzy hair will also get worse. In other words, a healthy body makes for healthy hair.

How should I style my frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is not something that can be improved immediately, and it may take a long period of time to change your lifestyle. Then don’t be in a hurry. You can enjoy having frizzy hair and improve it little by little.

For women, short and bob hairstyles with curly hair are very cute and unique. Even a normal style is recommended because it creates an atmosphere full of charm.

For men, on the other hand, short, unkempt hair or a short Mohawk is also a great choice.

Don’t be in a hurry and enjoy your frizzy hair.

Some hairstyles are more attractive because of frizzy hair. If you think about it, you can have a lot of fun with frizzy hair. Even if you have trouble styling your hair, it will be easier if you use a style that makes the most of your frizzy hair rather than hiding it.

Of course, if the reason for your frizzy hair is an irregular lifestyle, you will want to correct it. Let’s review your lifestyle and your hair to make your daily life more hair-friendly.

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