If you want shiny hair, use a pig-bristle hairbrush.


Brushing is the foundation of hair care. You need to choose a good hairbrush for brushing that will remove dirt and make your hair silky.

A pig-bristle hairbrush, which is less prone to static electricity and gentler on the scalp, will give you shiny hair.

Shiny, silky hair

For women, flowing, shiny hair is a dream. Everyone is probably making an effort to get as close to their ideal hair as possible by elaborating on treatments and applying hair creams.

However, the basis of hair care is brushing. With gentle, non-irritating brushing, you can have shiny hair without adding anything. The basic rule is to avoid strong irritation.

Hair is like your skin; strong irritation will quickly damage it. Once damaged, hair does not have the ability to repair itself, so it will not heal even if you give it time. Of course, damaged hair will not become silky smooth, so it is important to brush your hair to care for it.

Basic Brushing Method

Brushing good hair is not just brushing. To avoid straining the hair, untangle the ends of the hair.

Then, brush the entire hair. Brushing too hard against the scalp will cause too much irritation, so use only gentle pressure.

Brush through the hair as if you are gathering the hair up from the bottom to the top, so the hair becomes fluffy. Brushing thoroughly from the scalp to the ends of the hair will distribute sebum throughout the hair and give it a natural shine. This sebum is very important because it plays a role in protecting the hair from external stimuli such as UV rays.

Good brushing comes from good tools.

With so many materials and types of hair brushes available, you may be at a loss as to which one to use. The requirements for a good brush for your hair are adequate spacing and the absence of static electricity.

Nylon brushes are light, easy to handle, and conveniently washable in water immediately after getting dirty. However, actual brushing generates static electricity, which is highly irritating when it hits the scalp directly. This makes it difficult to calmly take care of your hair, and static electricity can dry out your hair.

It is said that hairbrushes with less static electricity and gentle to the scalp are those using animal hair. A typical example is a pig-bristle hairbrush.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pig Hair Brush

Hair and pig hair are made of the same protein, so they are very compatible with each other. Wearing silk clothing over synthetic underwear causes severe static electricity. The same is true of hair and hairbrushes. If you brush with materials that have different properties, you will suffer from static electricity.

However, pig hair is similar in nature to human hair, so it generates less static electricity and can be gently adapted to the hair. On the other hand, pig hair brushes made from natural materials tend to be more expensive. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce a high quality product, so it may be inevitable that it becomes a high-end product.

Brushing twice a day

Brushing before shampooing removes most of the day’s dirt from the hair. The massaging effect on the scalp also improves blood circulation and relaxes the hair.

And brushing in the morning not only conditions but also distributes sebum throughout the hair, increasing its protection against external stimuli and making it silky and shiny. For beautiful hair, use a hog-bristle hairbrush and perform gentle brushing.


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