How to use and choose a good hairspray for men


Hairspray is indispensable for keeping hair in place after it is set. However, some people say that it is difficult to use hairspray because it can leave your hair crunchy or sprinkle white powder on your hair. In this issue, we will introduce how to use and select the best hairspray for men.

Why do I need hairspray?

Hairspray is an item used to keep a set style in place. However, it can be difficult to use, and many people do not use it or have never used it to set their hair at home. Why should you use hairspray?

The majority of people use hair wax to set their hair, but you can’t just “wax it and it’s good to go all day. It is possible to look in the mirror in the restroom and find that your hair has been completely smashed.

Hair wax is oil-based. Because oil is heavy, even softly set hair will collapse over time due to its weight. Some people increase the amount of wax to prevent collapse, but this is actually counterproductive. The role of hairspray is to keep the set style in place to prevent the style from falling apart in this way.

Main types of hairspray and how to choose

Hairsprays for men can be divided into two main categories according to their setting power. How should you choose?

  1. Super hard spray
    Super hard spray has strong setting power and keeps the style created in the morning all day long. This is the type to choose if you have a short style and want to keep the roots firmly in place. However, if you try to fix your hair after setting, the style will fall apart and your hair will look like powder, so it is safer not to touch your hair once set.
  2. Hard spray that can be used to re-set hair
    This type of hairspray allows you to make corrections after setting, such as re-twisting the ends of your hair. Since it does not stiffen the hair, it can maintain a light style. This type is recommended for people with soft hair or for medium styles with softness.

Salon-specific products are preferable.
Spray may cause flaking (powdering) if used incorrectly. If you want a spray that will never flake, even if you are a beginner, we recommend that you use a product sold exclusively at salons instead of one sold on the market. However, even if you use a salon-specific hairspray, if you touch your hair excessively after spraying it, it will end up looking powdery. Even if you are concerned about your hair set, you should only make slight modifications.

No powdering! Good use of hairspray for men

  1. Spray along the hair outline.
    After styling with hair wax, shake hairspray well and spray along the hairline about 20 cm away from the head. By applying hairspray evenly, you can prevent your hair from hardening and keep your hair naturally styled. Most hair sprays on the market today have wide spray jets, so even beginners can apply hair spray evenly and thinly by spraying from a distance.

However, many commercial hair sprays contain silicone, which can irritate the scalp of those with sensitive skin, so be careful not to get hair spray on your scalp.

  1. Partial use is OK!
    After spraying along the outline of the hair, pick up with fingers the areas where you want to change the style, such as the top part or the collar, and spray lightly once. This will give the style a fuller, more defined look. However, be careful not to spray too much as it may cause flaking.

Carefully shampoo on days you use hairspray.

To keep your scalp healthy, shampoo your hair especially carefully on days when you use hairspray. It is also important to wash your hair thoroughly with hot water beforehand before applying shampoo. Since the spray is water soluble, hot water will remove most of it. Use a mildly detergent amino acid-based shampoo and massage your scalp with your fingers to thoroughly cleanse your scalp.

Use a good hairspray to keep your hair in style!


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