How to take good care of frizzy hair on the collar


The most common problem for short people is a kink in the collar. The easiest way to deal with this symptom is to effectively use hair cream or hairspray.

The kinks are either damaged or naturally kinky, both of which can be easily treated by moistening the hair once and then blow drying it with a hair dryer.

Rarely, there are those who say, “My frizzy hair will never go away!” For these people, we recommend “hair straightening” instead of straight perm. However, hair straightening can be quite damaging to the hair and may cause swell if it fails, so it is recommended to consult with a hair stylist before adopting it.

Another recommendation for people with frizzy hair is to enjoy arranging their hair more than perms. This is a stylish and easy way to take care of your hair.

A good hair dryer is the best thing you can do for your quirks!

Whatever the case may be… the best way to take good care of your frizzy hair is to use a good hair dryer, which is quite effective.

When applying warm air from the hair dryer, blow-dry the hair to elongate it. Then, after applying some warm air, switch to cold air to blow-dry the hair. The cold air after the warm air will condition the cuticles and reduce the volume.

Depending on the strength of your hair, a good use of a hair dryer can make it easier to take care of your hard-to-treat kinks.

One must be careful, however, when using a hair dryer, the hair type that cannot be cared for even with a hair dryer is the one with strong kinks, such as sleeping habits. In this case, it can only be done by wetting with water or using a special hair spray. (A hair dryer alone will take too much time.) Remember that switching to a different method depending on the situation is an easy way to take care of your hair.

If it is difficult just to care for your hair, you can change your hair style.

For those with persistent habits, daily care can be a hassle, no matter how efficient you are. For such people, the answer is simple! Changing your hair style is a good idea. By changing your hair style, you can make the best use of your quirks and have fun with them.

However, this is only a “last resort” for women, who may want to enjoy many hairstyles.

Even if it is troublesome, continuing daily care and repairing the hair to reduce damage is the way to control swell and reduce kinks little by little. For those who have strong kinks, it is recommended to take good care of the daily care part of your hair.

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