How to make perms last longer even with soft hair


Soft hair tends to have a hard time getting good waves and curls after a perm, or the effect wears off quickly. What can soft hair do to make perms last longer? Here we summarize what soft-haired people need to take care of before getting a perm and what they should do to take care of their hair after getting a perm.

Stop using hair care products containing silicone before applying perms.

Silicon is used in hair care products to coat the surface of hair. However, when considering the characteristics of silicon from the perspective of perms, the coating makes it difficult for the perm solution to penetrate the hair, making perms more difficult to apply.

Silicon naturally remains in the hair. Therefore, if you have soft hair that is difficult to get perms on, it is ideal to stop using silicone-containing products one week prior to the perm application. However, if you are used to the feel of silicone-coated hair, you may feel stressed because of the creaking sensation. Try to stop at least the day before, and if you can afford it, switch from silicone-containing products to non-silicone products.

Do not apply it when your hair is damaged.

There are many theories about hair damage and the difficulty of getting perms. However, the fact of the matter is that damaged hair, even if permed well, often does not look the way you want it to. Soft hair has a less protected cuticle than normal hair, so it is more susceptible to damage during perms.

Even if you go to the trouble of having a perm, it will be meaningless if the damage makes styling difficult and the perm doesn’t last. Try to avoid perms when your hair is damaged, or cut damaged areas before perming.

Resist shampooing on the day of the event.

I heard that it is ideal not to shampoo for about 3 days after a perm, but I don’t think that is quite possible. It is recommended that you hold off for at least that time, and wash only with hot water for about two days afterwards. When washing and rinsing, do not pull the hair with your hands, but pinch it lightly with the intention of reviving the waves.

Dry with a hair dryer to keep curls in place.

Leaving hair and skin wet not only damages them, but also causes the growth of bacteria. It also leads to “coldness,” which is a major enemy of beauty and health. Even if you have a perm, dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer before going to bed. If you have soft hair, there is a risk that it will not dry completely by natural drying, or conversely, that it will dry too much.

When using a hair dryer, it is recommended to dry your hair while pinching it with your hands, just as you do when shampooing. Do not pull or forcefully comb your hair. A hair dryer for soft hair that is difficult to dry is one with a large air volume. The key is to dry hair with air rather than heat.

Try not to crush your hair while you sleep.

Perms can also be removed by physical irritation. Soft hair should be especially careful about crushing waves and curls. The problem there is the weight of the head and body when sleeping. Theoretically, it is best to sleep on your stomach, but if you find it difficult to sleep unless you are on your back, it is best to sleep with all of your hair over your head.


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