How to fix frizzy hair in men


Wavy or spreading hair is difficult to style. Many men, especially those with short hair, may find it difficult to achieve their ideal hairstyles because of their frizzy hair. In this issue, we will introduce how to fix men’s frizzy hair.


What causes frizzy hair?
Four ways to fix men’s frizzy hair
Hair texture is one of the most important aspects of a man’s personality.

What causes frizzy hair?

Wavy, wavy hair that looks like it has been permed, or bristly hair that tends to spread sideways. It takes a lot of time to set it up in the morning, and it is something that takes a lot of effort. The most common type of wavy hair among Japanese people is called wavy hair, which is caused by a curve in the root section of the hair that causes the hair to grow at an angle. Wavy hair is largely influenced by heredity and cannot be fundamentally eliminated.

Four ways to fix men’s frizzy hair.

If you have strong frizzy hair, you can calm it down by paying attention to your regular hair care and adjusting your lifestyle. Below are some tips on how to fix frizzy hair in men.

Use an amino acid-based shampoo with mild cleansing power to regulate the scalp environment.

Men tend to produce more sebum due to male hormones, but if the scalp is washed too much with a strong detergent shampoo, it can lead to dryness or, conversely, an increase in sebum production, which can easily disrupt the scalp environment. In order to ensure that nutrients are delivered to the hair, use an amino acid-based shampoo with mild cleansing power to keep the scalp environment in good condition.

Treatment to maintain the moisture content inside the hair

The cause of severe hair waviness is excess moisture getting inside the hair. After shampooing, apply treatment thoroughly from the middle to the ends of the hair to maintain the hair’s moisture level. If the cuticle is nicely repaired with the treatment, it will prevent the moisture inside the hair from leaking out.

Review lifestyle habits

Continued unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption can prevent nutrients from being properly distributed to the scalp, resulting in frizzy hair. In particular, a well-balanced diet and good sleep are necessary not only for the scalp but also for a healthy body. To calm down frizzy hair, try to quit smoking if possible and moderate alcohol consumption.

Straighten hair

If you are really concerned about your frizzy hair, you can straighten it by applying a hair straightener. Hair straightening is a treatment that uses chemicals and heat from a hair iron to straighten frizzy hair. Because men have short hair, the procedure requires a particularly high level of skill, so it is best to have your hair straightened at a reputable hair salon.

Hair quality is an important part of your personality.

You may feel complex about your hair texture, but hair texture is also an important part of your personality. To turn your frizzy hair into your own charm, you can go to a hair salon and have your hair styled to make the most of your frizzy hair. With careful hair care, lifestyle modification, and hair straightening, you can deal with your frizzy hair!

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