How to eliminate facial sagging in just one day


Many people continue to make steady efforts every day to pull up facial sagging as much as possible, such as with expensive basic cosmetics and massages.

However, there is a solution to sagging face in just one day. It is to change your hairstyle. With just that, the sagging face will become noticeably less noticeable.

Make a point of putting out your hips.

People judge a person’s face by looking at the areas of their skin that are showing. Shortening the bangs or parting the hair at an angle to show the chin and adjusting the vertical skin area can divert the eye away from the side of the face.

Create a style with movement around the face.

Create a point of movement below the gills and volume above the sides of the eyes. For round, base, and inverted triangle faces, create a vertical line with height at the top to make the chin appear thinner. This creates a three-dimensional “diamond-shaped” style that points upward, making sagging of the face less noticeable.

NG style is weighted to the lower half of the face

A haircut with hair that spreads downward or a long, flat, straight line without any unevenness lowers the center of gravity of the haircut and inevitably makes sagging contours more noticeable. In particular, if the top part of the hair is flat or the parting is clearly visible, not only the sagging face, but also the overall impression of the face will become older.

To hide a sagging face, it is important to keep the basic principle of adding volume at the top and keeping the hairline more slender toward the bottom.

If you want to hide sagging by arranging hair

If the above conditions apply, the best arrangement is a half updo. Instead of pulling hair into a tight bun, scoop hair from the side of the ear, twist it lightly, lift it up, give it a fluffy volume, and then fasten it. From the front, the top of the head is high and from the side, the back of the head is low. From the side, the back of the head will also be taller, making the profile look younger.

On the other hand, a ponytail temporarily pulls up the skin to hide wrinkles and sagging around the eyes, but this is not recommended because it is very hard on the skin. Even if it is good at that time, if it is repeated, it will adversely progress the sagging of the face. It is also important to choose a method that is gentle to the skin and scalp, and maintain it so that you can stay beautiful for a long time.

Finish with point makeup.

As the face sags with age, not only the contours of the face but also parts such as the eyes and mouth tend to look blurred. In such cases, covering them up with makeup can make the face look younger.

For those with thick eyebrows or large eyes, mascara and eyeliner can be used to enhance the eyes and give fullness to the facial parts. If you have large lips, wear a reddish lip color for healthy, blood-colored lips. Blush can be placed high on the cheekbones to match the lip color, adding a touch of glamour. If you apply too much of either, it will make you look wild.

If you’re going to change your hairstyle, get advice from a hairdresser.

It is not a good idea to stay with the same hairstyle you had when you were younger, saying, “I don’t look good like this.” As you get older, your bone structure and hair condition will change, and the hairstyle that suits you will also change. Try to let go of your preconceived notions and listen to your hair stylist’s advice by clearly communicating the points of concern about your face.

Just by doing so, you can get a youthful haircut.


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